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Cherry Tables

Brick Mill Furniture's cherry tables are a testament to timeless craftsmanship and elegance. Handcrafted from locally sourced high-quality cherry wood, these tables exude a warm and inviting charm that effortlessly complements any dining space. The rich, reddish-brown tones of the cherry wood create a striking visual appeal, while the sleek and sturdy construction ensures both durability and style. The tables boast a smooth, lustrous finish that not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also provides a luxurious touch to any dining experience. Whether hosting a family dinner or entertaining guests, our cherry tables are a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality, making them a centerpiece that elevates the overall aesthetic of any dining room.

Cherry Dining Tables


Locally Sourced Wood

We aim to source as much of our wood as possible locally, supporting local mills and reducing our footprint. Much of our wood is made from salvaged and reclaimed trees, giving you a sustainable piece of furniture for your home or business. We make all our products in Pennsylvania from start to finish.

How we create it

Each wood slab is dried through our state-of-the-art vacuum kiln. Traditional kilns only heat the outside of the wood, but our vacuum kiln dries from the inside out. Once dried, we use both a professional belt sander and a fine hand sander to make a beautiful flat surface for your piece. During the final stage, we apply a high quality conversion varnish plant-based finish that is toxic-free and made to last. Our hand finishes ensure an even distribution and smooth surface.


We pre-drill any necessary holes for assembly and source strong and durable industrial hardware, all included with your purchase.

Why Brick Mill furniture?

Made To Order

We make every table to order to your specifications -- pick your wood, style, size, and we make and ship it right to your home!

American Proud

We source all of our wood and products from the USA.


We're giving salvaged wood another life which offers benefits to both the environment and your home!

We plant a tree

For every piece of furniture sold, we plant a tree in your honor through our partnership with One Tree Planted.