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Who is Brick Mill, Co.?

Brick Mill Co. is located in Williamsport, PA, the former lumber capital of the world. It’s a family-owned business that operates out of an old lumber mill from the 1800s. We are passionate about handcrafting heirloom furniture that you can pass from generation to generation. We work with you from picking out the wood, all the way through to the final details of your epoxy furniture.

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Why Us?

Our craftsmen have years of experience in the trade and bring that knowledge with them to every project. They oversee the entire process of creating an epoxy table to make it perfect for you. The materials we use to build our tables have been locally and sustainably sourced, so you can feel good knowing that your furniture is environmentally friendly.

In addition, our products stand out because we are committed to creating epoxy furniture that you love. If - for any reason - the epoxy table we make you isn’t up to your standards, we will gladly talk with you about returns – all we ask is that you pay the shipping cost to send back the epoxy table.


Features & Sizing

Each table is made from scratch using the highest quality finishes and epoxy resin available. Our epoxy tables are made just for you with solid wood slabs that were milled in Pennsylvania, hand-sanded, and finished with a conversion varnish finish.

We choose these finishes with the safety and comfort of your pets, children, and yourself in mind. We use locally sourced cast iron, aluminum, and steel hardware and legs to complete our tables.

Our tables come in several widths and lengths between 60” and 96”. Each table is around 1.5-2” thick but will vary depending on the piece and length of wood used. If you’re looking for a size that we don’t have, you can contact us to ask about a custom sizing.

Custom Epoxy Projects

Epoxy Dining

Our epoxy table selection is perfect for your home as a kitchen or dining table because it will fit in with any home décor theme, from modern to rustic to contemporary.

Epoxy Desks

Spending a lot of time at your desk?  Want something unique to show off in your home or office? Epoxy desks are a great addition to your home or corporate office!

Epoxy Accent

Brick Mill Furniture can create a custom epoxy coffee table, end table, sofa table and more. We offer over 25 custom epoxy colors to match your style!

Epoxy Tables

Our epoxy tables are perfect for your dining room! They look amazing in dining rooms or kitchens either by themselves with nothing on them, or with the table set and ready for the next meal. You could also put flowers on the table to draw attention to the colorful epoxy running down the middle of the table. If you want an epoxy table that isn’t sized to be a dining room table, contact us to see if we can create a piece for you that fits your needs. For example, we could create an epoxy coffee table, sofa table, desk, etc.

When using our as a dining table, make sure that you avoid putting hot pans, pots, and dishes directly onto the epoxy. The heat from the dishes can cause the epoxy to melt, which can cause damage to your table. To avoid this, always use potholders underneath hot dishes and pots before setting them down on your epoxy table.

About Our Epoxy Tables

A live edge epoxy table is perfect for anyone looking for a showpiece for their home that’s bound to attract many compliments from everyone who gets to look at it. It suits every décor theme, so it’s the perfect addition to any home.

Our wood slab epoxy tables feature wood with uncut, natural edges that are becoming popular in home décor throughout the world. That natural edge brings with it a natural and cozy beauty to your kitchen or dining room. With the added epoxy element, you’re also getting a table that accentuates the wood.

Care for Your Epoxy Table

The finishes we use on our epoxy tables are designed to last for years, and to ensure that it stays intact we recommend that you avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your epoxy table. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe away dust, crumbs, and spills.

If you find a buildup of dirt or a sticky mess on your table that the wet cloth isn’t getting, use a soft, natural soap to clean it up. Additionally, you should aim to keep your home’s temperature and humidity at natural levels to avoid any damage. In the future, as your table ages, we recommend using a Renew solution. This can renew the finish of your table. No sanding is required! All you need to do when you apply this solution is rub it into the table. 

Choose from over 25 epoxy colors! We can mix and match epoxy resin and powders to create an endless variety of colors to match your home.  If you prefer light wood with a dark epoxy or a dark wood with a light epoxy, we can create whatever you like!  Don't like color?  A nice matte black epoxy table or a flat white table really makes the wood grain pop in your epoxy resin dining table.  Not sure where to start? Reach out and one of our table experts will help you!

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After your order has been placed at our workshop in Williamsport, PA, we aim to get your epoxy table out within four to six weeks. However, the timeframe for shipping your product can take longer if we need to source the live edge walnut slabs for your table. In this case, another month will be added due to needing to dry the wood before building your epoxy table.

We ship the legs of your epoxy table separately from the table itself. Because of this, there is some light assembly required, but to do it, you’ll only need a screwdriver. When your legs arrive, you’ll find all the hardware you need to assemble your table.

Yes! When you order your epoxy table, we have two drop-down menus for the size of your table and the shape of the legs for your table. If we don’t offer the size you want for your epoxy table, contact us to see if we can make you a custom table.

We have a wide variety of American-made legs! All of our legs are finished in Black Powder Coating. If you would like a different finish, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your options!

We offer 25+ Epoxy Colors. Ask us about additional customized options!

Whenever we can, we source the live edge walnut that we use to make an epoxy resin river table here in Pennsylvania. We are fortunate enough to have access to all types of wood right here in Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to limit our carbon footprint and to support local businesses. Because of that, some of our products are made from reclaimed wood from old buildings or from logs that we salvaged from tree removal companies.

Never fear, though! We will only use the highest quality materials to build our furniture so they will last for years to come and be durable enough for everyday life.

Any piece of furniture under 120 pounds and 7 feet long will be shipped using FedEx, USPS, or UPS. Keep in mind that legs will be shipped separately. If your piece of furniture exceeds those limitations, we will contact a freight company to deliver your epoxy table to you in a secure crate.