Living Room

Exciting, Custom Living Room Furniture

Handcrafted Living Room Furniture

When you want to feel lively, and have a living room that feels perfect for you, you can look no further than our customized living room furniture. Each coffee table, end table, or bench is meticulously handcrafted using sustainable hardwood that will look amazing in your home, and will last for years to come.

Who is Brick Mill, Co.?
Brick Mill Co. is located in Williamsport, PA, the former lumber capital of the world. It’s a family-owned business that operates out of an old lumber mill from the 1800s. We are passionate about handcrafting heirloom furniture that you can pass from generation to generation. We sell an epoxy table and other live edge wood furniture that is unique.
Why Us?
Our woodworkers have years of experience in the trade and know what they’re doing. They oversee the entire process of creating beautiful living room furniture to make it perfect for you. The materials we use to build our living room furniture has been locally and sustainably sourced, so you can feel good knowing that your walnut, cherry, maple, or white oak furniture is environmentally friendly.