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Live Edge Slabs in Washington, DC

Do you live in Washington, DC, and want high-quality live edge slabs for furniture? Brick Mill Co. is the best choice for live edge slabs Washington because we only sell the highest quality, handcrafted live edge slab furniture that can be made to your custom specifications.

We are located in Williamsport, PA, but we can ship to Washington, DC, with no problems. Our family-run business is housed in an 1800s former lumber mill, and we only source local and high-quality live edge slabs to create your pieces. Live edge slabs Washington is a great way to bring nature indoors because of each piece's unique natural grain look.

Why Brick Mill, Co.?

Edge Slabs

We are located in the former lumber capital of the world, so we have access to a wide selection of amazing live edge wood that we can locally source to our old mill. Our live edge slabs come in ash, cherry, maple, walnut, and black gum, and each piece has been hand-selected by our professionals to make your heirloom furniture.

At Brick Mill Co., no piece goes unwatched. We make sure that each live edge slab is carefully monitored during the production process to ensure that each piece is done properly the first time around. We care for each piece as if we were building it for ourselves.

Explore Live Edge Slabs Washington

If you live in Washington, DC, and are searching for live edge slabs, we are more than happy to provide shipping options for you. We create various furniture pieces using our live edge slabs, including live edge benches, live edge shelves, live edge desks, and more.

Let's take a closer look at some of the pieces of furniture that our live edge slabs are turned into here at Brick Mill, Co.

Live Edge Benches

Our live edge benches are great for mudrooms, foyers, entryways, and at the foot of the bed. They provide a perfect resting area to put on shoes, holding books, and resting decorative throw pillows while bringing the outdoors into your home.

We currently offer our live edge benches in walnut, ash, and maple. Each piece will bring warmth and uniqueness to any room you place the bench. Each bench stands to be around 16-18" tall and 12-16" wide, perfect for being inconspicuous for any entryway and mudroom. We make our standard live edge benches up to 96" long, but you can contact us if you need a custom piece made.

Live Edge Console Tables

Live Edge Console Tables

Live edge console tables are the perfect size for a TV stand or media console because of their modern yet rustic look that will compliment your electronic setup. Our live edge console tables are made using maple, oak, ash, and walnut, making them perfect for any home. It also gives you a chance to match your live edge console table to your décor scheme.

You can use our live edge consoles also to store your sunglasses, keys, display photos, flowers, candles, and more. Our console tables are about 30" tall and can be anywhere from 10-15" wide, depending on your unique live edge slab of wood.

Live Edge Coffee Tables

Our live edge coffee tables are 100 percent unique and will differ completely depending on the live edge slab chosen for your piece. It can include natural character elements such as spalting, wormholes, knotholes, and small cracks. All of these character elements add uniqueness to your piece and in no way affect the sturdiness of the coffee table.

We make our coffee tables out of walnut, black gum, and rustic reclaimed Barnwood. Each type of wood adds character to the piece and tells a different story. The live edge coffee tables we make come to be around 16-32" wide and 24-72" long. Are you looking for a size that isn't listed on our website? Contact us with your special request!


When Can I Expect My Live Edge Slab Furniture?

We work hard on getting our live edge wood slab furniture orders out the door quickly. That being said, it can take one to two weeks before we finish your piece, but it can take longer if we need to source the wood, dry it, custom make your piece, and it will also depend on the time of year you order.

Is There Assembly Required for My Live Edge Slab Furniture?

Live Edge Slab Furniture

The legs and hardware of your live edge slab furniture are shipped separately from the actual piece of furniture, so some minimal assembly is required. We include basic instructions with all of our furniture, but we pre-make the rivets in the table, so a screwdriver should be all you need to assemble the piece.

How Do I Care for My Live Edge Slab Furniture?

We recommend dusting your live edge furniture with a microfiber towel and use only natural cleaning products on your natural wood pieces. If you want to polish your live edge slab furniture, we recommend using conditioning cream. The goal is to keep your live edge furniture stain-proof and waterproof.

What Are Your Delivery Options of Live Edge Furniture Washington?

We don't deliver our live edge furniture ourselves, but we offer shipping via FedEx, USPS, and UPS to Washington, DC. The only requirement is that your piece needs to be under 120 pounds and less than 7 feet long. If your furniture exceeds those requirements, we will contact a freight company to deliver your furniture to you in Washington, DC.