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Live Edge Wood in Baltimore

Are you looking for live edge wood Baltimore? Brick Mill Co. provides our customers with the highest quality live edge wood that can be crafted into any type of beautiful piece of furniture you can dream of. We’re located in Williamsport, PA, only about a three-hour drive from Baltimore, and our family-owned business runs in an old lumber mill from the 1800s.

Our live edge wood can be used to add a unique touch of the outdoors to any room because it showcases the natural grain in each live edge wood piece. No longer will you have to search “Live edge wood Baltimore” because Brick Mill Co. has you covered.

Why Choose Brick Mill Furniture?

Brick Mill Furniture

Our company is located in the former lumber capital of the world, and we’re fortunate enough to have access to a huge selection of high-quality and locally sourced wood. Our live edge wood comes in a variety of wood types, including maple, ash, oak, cherry, and other locally available woods, and they have all been hand-selected to help you create the best live edge wood pieces possible.

At Brick Mill Co., we oversee our products through all of the steps of getting them prepared to be sent to you. From the start of the slab of live edge wood to the sanding of the live edge wood to get it ready to be made into the perfect piece of furniture for you. We treat every piece of wood that comes through our doors as a piece that we would make for a family member.

You’ll feel confident in having a piece of live edge wood made locally in the United States.

Exploring Live Edge Wood Baltimore

If you’re looking for live edge wood Baltimore, we provide affordable shipping options. In addition, we create a handful of incredible live edge wood products, including live edge desks, live edge benches, live edge sofa tables, live edge coffee tables, and more!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique live edge wood options you have available to you from Brick Mill, Co.!

Live Edge Floating Shelves

Our live edge floating shelves are handcrafted in your choice of walnut, oak, ash, and other wood to suit both your décor, your taste, and your budget. Each floating shelf is meticulously crafted using only the highest quality, locally sourced wood slabs, with our woodworkers watching over every step of the furniture-making process.

They’re the perfect way to showcase your knickknacks and store your precious items while pulling together any room in your home. Live edge floating shelves are available in a variety of sizes, and custom orders are welcome to fit your specifications.

Live Edge Desks

If you’re on the hunt for something that will make your office stand out, our live edge desks are perfect for you. Our live edge desks come in walnut or ash wood and come in various sizes to help create the perfect workspace for your needs.

Each live edge desk stands around 30” tall and comes in lengths of 36” to 96”, but you can reach out to us to have a custom order built if you require a taller or different-sized desk.

Live Edge Coffee Tables

Do you want a unique showpiece to pull your room together, then look no further than our live edge coffee tables. Our live edge coffee tables are available in walnut, each piece of wood brings a unique look that will draw compliments for years.

Our coffee tables can be anywhere between 24” to 72” long and range from 16” to 32” wide and stand to be about 18” high – a coffee table size perfect for any couch.


Can I Pick Up My Live Edge Wood If I Live in Baltimore?

Please contact us to discuss delivery and shipping alternatives.

Do You Accept Custom Orders?

Yes! If you want a live edge desk, dining table, or another type of furniture in a size that we don’t offer, we accept custom orders to make your dream piece of live edge furniture. All you have to do is fill out our custom order form and wait for our response!

How Long Do Custom Orders Take?

How long it takes to complete custom orders depends on whether we have the dried wood in our inventory. If we do, it should take about two weeks for your custom piece to be made and leave our workshop. If we need to source the type of wood you want and dry it, you can expect it to take a little over a month to get your custom piece.

Do You Ship to Baltimore?

We don’t directly deliver our live edge wood in Baltimore, but we offer shipping via FedEx/USPS/UPS to Baltimore if your live edge wood furniture is under 120 pounds and 7 feet long. We can also provide a white-glove service for an additional fee.

If your live edge wood is heavier, we will arrange for a freight company to deliver your furniture to Baltimore. You must know that the legs of your furniture will be shipped separately from your live edge furniture, so you might not receive them at the same time that you receive your live edge wood piece.