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Best 60x30 Adjustable Desk Tops – Live Edge Wood

If you want to give your workspace a new look, a live edge adjustable desk can make a great addition! These pieces of art improve the aesthetics of your workplace, all while providing a firm and stable working space. Best of all, with a height adjustable desk, you can change it up in your workday to find your perfect height.

If you've been looking for a 60 x 30 adjustable desk for your home office or professional space, you're in luck! Let's explore what makes these desks so great.

Why Choose Live Edge Wood Adjustable Desk Tops

They Bring Nature Inside Your Space

Live edge wood retains its original color, shape, and form, letting you see and touch the natural grain pattern, texture, and color of the wood. Just like spending time in nature, bringing natural elements into your workspace creates an ambiance that leaves you feeling better.

They Are Unique

No live edge wood adjustable desk top is 100% similar to another. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind adjustable desk top, a live edge height adjustable standing desk is perfect!

Helps You Make a Statement

Your office furniture choices matter! Live edge adjustable desk tops can bring a touch of signature style to your workspace, and ultimately, your customers’ perception of your business. Well-made furniture signifies that you have an eye for style, and are willing to invest in your workspace. They're perfect if you're going for a new look.

Environmental Sustainability

Live edge furniture promotes environmental sustainability. These desks are an heirloom that can be passed down, with no need to be replaced. Wood can also be sustainable depending on the manufacturer. Responsible woodworkers only harvest old trees that are approaching the end of their lifecycle and are keen to adhere to the local deforestation guidelines.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Live Edge Adjustable Desk Top

Consider the following when buying a live edge wood adjustable desk top:

Type of Wood

The best type of wood for a live edge adjustable desk top provides both quality and aesthetics. The most common types of wood for making live edge adjustable desk tops include oak, walnut, and cherry.

Oak is the top choice for making adjustable desk tops. It is strong and durable yet lightweight. You can choose between red and white oak to suit your design colors. White oak has light tones while red oak is reddish with short dark lines. Generally, red oak adjustable desk tops are cheaper than their white oak counterparts.

Walnut is another great choice. It has a dark brown color and is strong, dense, and resilient. It has a medium coarse to coarse texture and provides a beautiful finish. Walnut adjustable desk tops are more expensive and heavier than white oak desks.


When deciding the type of adjustable desk top to buy, consider its intended purpose, the amount of space you have available, and how many people will be using it. For instance, if you need to place a computer but have multiple monitors, or need a work surface for an entire team, you’ll need a bigger table.

In terms of thickness, it should be thick enough to give it a significant weight capacity.  Most live edge adjustable desk tops are 1-2 inches thick.

Range of Adjustability

Ideally, the height range of the desk should hit at your elbow level when in a standing position or seated. The height adjustment mechanism should be easy, convenient, and make little noise.

There are all kinds of standing desk frame options to turn a desk into a sit stand desk. Some desks with an adjustable height will use a manual hand crank. However, an electric standing desk will use a motor, and might even have extra features like programmable height settings. 

What are the Best 60x30 Adjustable Desk Tops? – Brick Mill Furniture Live Edge Wood

Brick Mill Furniture Live Edge Wood

The Brick Mill white oak adjustable desk top is one of the best products in its category on the market. It is available in a wide range of standard sizes including 60x30 and you can also request custom designs if needed.

The 60x30 adjustable desk top is handcrafted. It has a beautiful grain pattern throughout that brings out the beauty of the live edge solid wood. It is finished with a 0% VOC plant-based finish.

Why Choose Our 60x30 Adjustable Desk Tops?

Each piece of live edge furniture by Brick Mill is designed and built with great passion. The company has a team of highly experienced woodworkers that ensure each product is of high quality. We source the wood ourselves and ensure it is well-dried to the highest quality.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Live Edge Adjustable Desk Tops

Use a Soft Cloth and Natural Products to Clean Your Desktop 

The best natural cleaning product for a live edge is vinegar. It is antibacterial and also effective at removing stains. You can also use mild liquid detergent to clean the desk top.

If using vinegar, mix 15ml vinegar with 500ml of water. If using liquid detergent, add 5ml-10ml to a liter of water and mix.

Dip a microfiber cloth and wring it to remove excess water. Use the damp microfiber cloth to gently wipe the desk top while paying extra attention to stains and crannies in the wood. Rinse the cloth with clean water, wring it, and wipe the desk top again to get rid of any vinegar or soap residue. Then follow with a dry microfiber cloth to dry the table completely.

Keep the Desk Top Water-Free

Avoid spillages on the desk as much as possible. Place your drinks on your coaster and wipe any spillages immediately.

 Keep the Table Away from Natural Elements

Place it away from direct sunlight and use blinds on the windows if need be. Maintain moisture and humidity levels at optimal levels. Use a humidifier during winter and an air conditioner during summer.

Condition the Desk Top Regularly

Condition your live edge adjustable desk top immediately you receive it. Since the finish is still fresh, it is quite susceptible to scratches.

Ensure you buff conditioning cream to expose the shiny finish. Also, when applying the conditioning cream, ensure that it does not accumulate on cracks and ridges. The frequency for conditioning will reduce over time as the finish becomes acclimated.

Reapply the Finish Occasionally

The finish coat tends to thin out over time and can be scratched off by sharp stationary or objects. Reapply a finish every few years to enhance the desk top’s durability. Allow the finish up to 24 hours to ensure it is completely dry before using the desk again.

Live Edge Wood Adjustable Desk Tops FAQ

How Much Do the Brick Mill Live Edge Wood Adjustable Desk Tops Cost?

Our adjustable oak desk tops start at $449 up to $1949.99 depending on the size and custom design specifications. Currently, our 60x30 Adjustable Desk Tops are selling at $1399.99. However, note that prices may change over time. The prices include local taxes where applicable but they do not include shipping costs.

Why are Brick Mill Live Edge Wood Adjustable Desk Tops Pricey?

We handcraft our furniture to ensure you get the best standing desk possible. However, the process of making adjustable desk tops from live edge wood is labor-intensive and time-consuming. We may also need to source extensively for the wood. As such, the production costs are high, which translates to higher product prices.

What Kind of Shipping Options Are Available for the Brick Mill Live Edge Wood Adjustable Desk Tops?

We offer FedEx, UPS, or USPS for smaller items that are less than 120 pounds and 7 feet long. However, for bulkier items such as 60x30 Adjustable Desk Tops we organize white glove or freight delivery to your home. The exact amount depends on your location and the size of the desk.

Does the Live Edge Wood Adjustable Desk Tops Look Different Than the Photo?

Since we use natural wood to make your live edge adjustable desk top, there may be slight differences from one desk to another e.g. variance in grain pattern and color. Your desk top may also have minor imperfections such as cracks and wormholes. With that said, these imperfections do not compromise the structural integrity of your desk. We also fill cracks and holes with epoxy to ensure your desk is functional and aesthetically appealing.