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Can I Use a Natural Wood Desk Top for My Standing Desk? Installation and Maintenance Guide

The short answer to this question is yes! You can use your natural wood desk top as a standing desk. You just need to choose the right desk top and a corresponding standing frame to go with it.

Below are the steps for setting up your natural wood desk top as a standing desk. We also offer some maintenance tips for the standing desk.

Steps for Using Your Natural Wood Desk as a Standing Desk

1. Measure Yourself to Determine the Right Height for Your Standing Desk

Your standing desk needs to be set up correctly for your specific height. Otherwise, you will end up slouching or reaching too high while you work, resulting in neck pain, wrist pain, or back pain.

The ideal height for your standing desk is the height of your elbow. For the most accurate measurement, you may need the help of someone else to take the measurement.

How to Measure Your Standing Desk Height

Follow the steps below to get the right measurement for the height of your standing desk:

  1. Stand in an upright position with your chest up, shoulders in the back, pelvis in a neutral position. Your hip, knees, and ankle should be in alignment with your hands resting beside your body.
  2. Bend your elbows such that your forearm is parallel to the floor
  3. Have the other person take the measurement from the tip of your bent elbow to the floor, maintaining a straight line from your elbow.
  4. Note down the measurement.  You will need the measurement when shopping for a standing desk stand.

2. Decide on the Right Standing Desk Size for You

Most standing desk tops are rectangular, although you can find a few that are square or oval-shaped. This article will focus on rectangular standing table desk tops.

To determine the suitable width and length of your desk top, assess how much space you have for your standing desk, and the equipment or items you will place on the desk e.g. computer, keyboard, one or two monitors, document holder, stationery holder, books, etc.

If you want to place a computer, take measurements of your computer and add at least add 10” to the length. If you will be using the table for writing and other activities, go for a longer and wider table. Also, you need a bigger desk if it will be used by more than one person at a time. (Ex/ used as a conference table or collaborative workspace.)

Ideally, the desk should be placed in a well-lit and well-ventilated location away from the entryway or doors. Seeing as you are using a natural wood desk top, ensure to place it away from direct sunlight, heat, or moisture. Also, do not place it next to a heater or an air conditioner. This will protect the solid wood top from damage.

Often, people do not consider the thickness of the desk top when buying a desk. Yet, it is crucial as it influences the desk top’s ability to withstand the weight of the objects that will be placed on it. Most standing desk tops are 1-2 inches thick.

Standard desk top dimensions as indicated as LxW. Ensure not to confuse the width/depth for the length when ordering. Most manufacturers indicated measurements in inches.

3. Buy Your Natural Wood Desk Top

You can either buy an already-made, standard-dimensions natural wood table top or request one to be custom-made.  For a custom design solid wood desktop, identify a reliable natural wood furniture company, consult with them, and come up with a custom design for your wooden desk top.

For a standard-dimensions desk top, check out various companies to identify those that have desk tops. Find one that fit your dimensions and also has a good reputation for quality and excellent service delivery.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Natural Wood Desk Top

A number of factors come into play when choosing a standing desk top. These are:


There are numerous solid wood table tops at different price points to choose from out there. Some cost as low as $100 while others cost thousands of dollars. Solid hardwood table tops can be pricy, but worth the investment as they last a lifetime! Establish how much you are willing to spend on the desk top before shopping.

Wood Type

The wood type used to make the desk top influences its color, grain pattern, durability, and price. The best wood for standing desk tops are lightweight, yet durable and strong. Its color should suit your preference and interior décor. The best types of wood for standing desk tops table base include walnut, oak, cherry, maple, and ash.

Live Edge or Solid Natural Wood

Some manufacturers specialize in live edge desk tops while others have other types of natural wood desk. Live edge wood retains its natural shape on the edges and grain throughout the slab.

However, live edge wood is harder to source and work with. It needs to be sanded manually so as to intricately work around the natural shape and form of the wood. As such, they are pricier and usually a special order, but they last a long time and stand out. (We have some live-edge wood desks here.)

If you are keen to invest in a bespoke standing desk and you don’t mind spending extra bucks on it, go for a live edge table top. Note that, due to the uneven and sometimes curvy edges, the measurements of the solid wood table top will not be as exact as other straight-cut wood.

Additional Features

Do you need additional features such as built-in cable organizers? You can shop for a desk top with special features, but keep in mind that they come at an extra cost. Also, note that most natural wood desk tops do not come with drawers, so you may need to invest in storage if needed.

Standing Desk Base Frame

The most crucial characteristic of a standing desk base is that it should be strong and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the desk top and the items that will be placed on it. It should also be your right height, as per the dimensions you acquired in step 1.

Some manufacturers sell natural wood desk tops alongside a stand, while others sell the stands separately. Try to figure out before you buy if you need to invest in table legs or a stand for your solid wood table top.

There are 3 main types standing desk base frames, including:

Fixed stand: They have a fixed height and cannot be adjusted. However, they are quite sturdy and can withstand the weight of several items on the desk top.

Manually adjustable sitting standing stand: They are the most affordable option for adjustable standing desk stands. However, they offer a limited range of motion and are cumbersome to adjust. They also have a lower weight capacity.

Automatic sitting standing stand: These are efficient and convenient. They come with an electric motor, making them easy and fast to adjust. They also have a high weight capacity. The only downside is that they are quite expensive.  

Most standing desk frames are designed for easy installation with minimal equipment. Check your frame manual for specific installation instructions and follow each step keenly. For electric frames, make sure you set up the desk near a power source.

Care and Maintenance Natural Wood Standing Desk

Cleaning: Clean your natural wood desk top regularly to prevent staining and dirt accumulation. To protect real wood or reclaimed wood, use a damp soft microfiber cloth and a bit of vinegar or mild liquid detergent. Also, wipe the stand to get rid of any accumulated dirt.

Scratches: If there are scratches or dents on the desk top, buff them gently, wipe off the dust and apply a polishing cream. Let it set and then buff it. Wipe the desk top one more time to retain its luster.

Weight: Do not over tax the frame. Avoid putting too many items on the desk or leaning on it constantly. It overbears on the frame and may cause it to break or cause the motor to fail.

In Conclusion

The first step to using a natural wood desk top as a standing desk is determining the right dimensions for both the desk top and the frame. Once you know what you need, purchase and assemble! With proper care and maintenance, your solid wood desk should serve you for a long time. Explore our different desk top options here.