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Can You Have a Live Edge Desk with Drawers?

Looking for a live edge desk with drawers? Unfortunately, most live edge desks do not come with them built-in. Live edge desks designed as a computer desk, standing desk, or writing desk, typically consist of a base frame (which may be fixed or adjustable) and a slab that serves as the desk top. 

The desk top is designed to primarily provide a clear work surface. Their lack of storage can be a negative for some. If you need significant storage space, you would need to buy a separate chest of drawers, make one, or work with a furniture company to custom make a live edge desk with drawers. 

Making a chest of drawers requires intermediate to advanced skills and equipment. Therefore, for most people, the best option is to buy a chest of drawers or have a furniture company make a custom desk. That's the best way to get a custom live edge desk with drawers. 

Buying Guide for a Drawer Unit for Your Home Office

Buying a drawer unit is the best option if you already have a desk without drawers. There is a wide range of drawer units to choose from on the market. Below are factors to consider when buying a chest of drawers for your office.


If you already have a live edge desk, it is best to buy a chest of drawers that is made of natural wood. You can even try to find custom furniture drawers that have a live edge themselves! Although live edge custom furniture is expensive, they have heirloom quality and will last you for a long time.

If you want a beautiful piece for your office space, try to find drawers made of hardwood such as white oak, red oak, mahogany, maple, or walnut. 


Some drawers have a distinct style e.g. farmhouse, rustic, mid century modern, and modern. Others have a classic look that fits well with different interior designs.

Whichever chest of drawers you choose should complement your existing home office design. Solid wood and live edge drawers go well with various interior styles.  Pay attention to color and texture coherence to ensure that the drawer styles tie in well with the rest of the decor.

Size and Number of Drawers

The suitable size and number of drawers will depend on how much storage space you need, and the size of your home office. 

If you have limited floor space, go for a narrow chest that has more drawers. If you have adequate floor space, go for a wider drawer unit with fewer drawers. If you want to place the unit under your desk, try to find something small and compact.

Ease of Assembly

Most unit drawers are shipped as separate parts that need to be assembled upon delivery. When shopping, check whether the seller provides assembly as an after-sale service or a detailed assembly instruction manual. In most cases, the drawer unit should be easy to assemble. 

Before you build, place a soft blanket or mat on the floor to prevent scratching your drawers against the floor when assembling it. Assemble it inside your home office near the intended placement location. Once assembled, the drawer unit will likely get quite heavy and it can be difficult to move it around. Avoid using power tools on the drawer unit as they could cause damage.  If need be, hire a professional handyman to do the installation for you.


Office drawer units are available at different price points depending on their size, design, and material. Natural wood is more expensive than MFP, veneer, and laminate woods. Live edge drawer units are on the most expensive side of the spectrum, because of their natural edge.

If you are keen on buying live edge wood or natural wood drawer units, be willing to spend a significant amount of money. If it's out of your budget, try to find a solid wood unit that is within your budget and delivers on most of the features you are keen about.  

How to Order a Custom Made Live Edge Desk with Drawers

If you are keen on the bespoke and unique quality of live edge furniture, you can try to find a custom live edge desk with drawers made for you.

Commissioning a live edge desk with drawers can be a daunting task especially if you are not clear on the type of design you want. However, if you work with a reputable and passionate live edge company such as Brick Mill Furniture, it can be a breeze. Below are tips to help you order a custom design for your live edge desk with drawers. 

Prospecting and Budget 

Having a custom live edge desk with drawers is costlier than buying standard units. Therefore, you want to have a considerable budget set aside.  

Identify prospective furniture companies, determine their reputation, have an initial consultation for their office desks, and get a quotation. Compare various quotations to establish how much the project will cost and then narrow it down to one company. Some furniture companies offer an in-house designer at an additional cost. Conversely, others do not and you may have to hire one separately.


Work with the company’s design team or your furniture designer to come up with the design and specifications for your live edge desk with drawers. Determine the size and style of the desk and drawers, as well as the color, materials, wood grain, and finish.  

As you work with the designer, consider the practicality of the unit in terms of how much storage space it will provide and how much space you have for placement. Think about the overall aesthetics of the unit and how well ties with the rest of the home office décor. 

Finalize on the Cost and Payment Arrangements

Once you have the design at hand, it is easy to determine the exact cost of building your live edge desk with drawers. Factor in shipping and assembly costs, where applicable. Then agree on a payment method and payment plan. Pay the down payment to get the building process started. 

Have the Desk Made

The process will require collaboration between you, the furniture company, and the designer. You should have regular check-ins and consultations at every step, from wood slab material sourcing to crafting and finishing, until the desk is dispatched for delivery. 

Brick Mill Furniture Custom Live Edge Desk with Drawers 

Brick Mill Furniture offers a range of live edge desks with different dimensions and wood types, including computer desks, standing desks, adjustable standing desks, and L-shaped desks. While this range does not include desks with drawers, you can commission us to build a custom live edge desk with drawers for you. 

Our team consists of passionate woodworkers and craftsmen who have extensive experience in building live edge furniture. We handcraft each piece of furniture to the highest quality.  We will collaborate with you from design and crafting to finishing, and then organize freight or white glove shipping of the desk and drawers to your home.  

We have white oak, ash, and walnut lumber readily available but you can also let us know if you want a different type of wood species. We source high-quality lumber for the furniture, dry it, and hand-sand it.  We are keen to employ environmentally sustainable strategies by collaborating with One Tree Planet to plant a tree for each furniture piece we sell.  Reach out to us for an initial consultation about your live edge desk with drawers. 

In Conclusion

If you are in the market for a live edge desk with drawers, it may be difficult to find one that comes as a complete set.  As discussed above, you have the option to have one custom-made or to buy a separate set of drawer units for the home office.

A custom live edge desk with drawers is bespoke and sophisticated. However, it is quite costly and requires a bit of time to find a designer and furniture marker, come up with a design, source for materials, and have the furniture handmade.  Nevertheless, it will be a worthwhile process and you will have one-of-a-kind heirloom furniture at the end.

Should you choose to go with the option to buy a live edge desk and the set of drawers separately, ensure to do your research to find the best quality products for your budget. Put into consideration how much space you have available for placement, your home office décor, and your workspace and storage needs.