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Should I Choose a Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table? Design Tips

Posted on July 29 2021

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind walnut coffee table that will go with virtually any decor?  Then a live edge walnut coffee table may be the solution for you. The perfect addition to your living area and office waiting room, a live edge walnut coffee table brings the outdoors in, giving life to any room you put it in.

When choosing the perfect live edge walnut coffee table, it’s important to pay attention to its design - what size will you need? What features are important to you? Will walnut best suit your living space?

In this article, we discuss what you need to take into consideration when purchasing a live edge walnut coffee table and how to make this stunning piece of furniture work for you.

How is a Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table Made?

Edge Walnut Coffee Table Made

A live edge walnut coffee table starts with a beautiful walnut slab (or in some cases, slabs) that is then meticulously handcrafted into a one-of-a-kind showpiece. At Brick Mil Co., our Live Edge Walnut Coffee Tables start with the drying of the wood, which we often do ourselves to ensure its quality before being sold to our customers.

We then hand-sand and finish the live edge table with a 0% VOC planted-based finish. We then select only the finest quality finishes and legs, which are shipped to our customers separate from the base for easy attachment at home. 

Design Tips for Choosing a Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut Coffee Table

So, what should you look for when choosing a live edge walnut coffee table? Let’s have a look at the most important factors when it comes to the design of your new woodsy addition.

Look For a Showstopper

Part of the appeal of a live edge coffee table is the fact that these unique natural tables can be an absolute showstopper. Placing a live edge coffee table in the center of your room is a sure way to attract immediate compliments from your guests and will be admired for many years to come.

When looking for a walnut live edge coffee table, look for a piece that makes you say - “wow.” Don’t settle for a piece you don’t absolutely love. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Reach out to us so we can make your dream piece. 

Pull Inspiration From Nature

There are several options for choosing a walnut live edge coffee table, including pieces that have been decorated with resin or epoxy. While these can be stunning additions to a live edge coffee table, they can also take away from the fresh, from the woods feel of a natural walnut coffee table.

In addition, consider taking inspiration from the natural, organic feel of the wood with natural-colored decor, including pillows, throws, and wall color.

Double Check the Size

When selecting a walnut live edge coffee table, it’s important to take measurements and determine the size you need. Your couch will largely determine the height of your perfect coffee table, as it should sit no lower than 1-2” from the seat of your couch.

The size of Brick Mill Co.’s Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table is approximately 18” tall, making it the perfect height for most traditionally-sized couches. It’s important to note that taller sofas will require a taller coffee table, so keep in mind that you may need a slightly more customized coffee table.

Consider the Occupants

 Consider the Occupants

When choosing your live edge walnut coffee table, you must consider your home’s usual occupants. When deciding on the shape of your coffee table, you should think about which shape would be the safest choice for the space.

You may wish to consider a round or oval live edge coffee table if you have pets or children. A walnut live edge coffee table may not be as soft as maple or cherry, and it’s important to consider edges.

If pets and small children are not a concern, it’s important to make sure that you have at least 30 inches of space between your television console and your live edge walnut coffee table, allowing plenty of room to walk between them without bumping into either.


It has to be said - not all live edge coffee tables are the most functional. When choosing a live edge walnut coffee table, it’s important to consider your needs - do you require storage inside your table?

Do you want to be able to place a dish or a plate down without having to worry about your coffee table tipping over? If you’re looking for your walnut live edge coffee table to be a functional piece, make sure that it’s a solid piece of furniture that will not easily tip.

Choose Your Materials

While it’s hard to beat the dark beauty of a walnut live edge coffee table, there are plenty of other options in terms of wood. Gum tree and ash wood are both popular materials used in live edge coffee tables, and both provide different looks to your living room.

While a gum tree live edge coffee table will give a truly rustic, right from the woods feel, light wood or ash wood coffee table will give an organic, light, and airy feel.

It’s also important to consider the type of hardware you’d like as your coffee table’s legs, with hairpin and U-shaped being some of the most popular. Each complements a live edge walnut coffee table well, without taking away from its intricate live edge top.


How much does a live edge walnut coffee table cost?

How much a live edge walnut coffee table costs will vary depending on who makes it. In general, a more expensive piece will be better made, but this is not always the case.

At Brick Mill Co., we strive to provide our customers with the highest heirloom quality materials while still keeping our prices as affordable as possible. Our Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table ranges from approximately $500-$2,000, depending on the size.

Is walnut expensive?

Walnut is generally more expensive than other woods such as Ash, Maple, and Cherry. This is due to the fact that walnut is a bit rarer, as it faces natural limitations such as size. Walnut is also highly in demand for use on high-quality home furniture such as our live edge walnut coffee tables, as well as other fine woodworking projects