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6 Tips For Choosing and Styling Your Live Edge Dining Room Table

The popularity of live edge furniture has risen dramatically in recent years, and we’ll be the first to say that this trend will never go out of style! Live edge furniture is the epitome of bringing the outdoors into your home, with its cool, natural, and sustainable vibe, with natural character elements such as small cracks, knotholes, wormholes, and spalting only contributing to its one-of-a-kind nature.

Purchasing a live edge dining table is one of the best ways to bring this gorgeous woodwork into your home, as you are placing it in what is truly the focal point of your household.

If you’re new to the live edge lifestyle or are unclear on how to style your new stunning piece of furniture, read on!

In this article, we take you through 6 tips for choosing and styling your live edge dining room table, so you can have a better idea of how best to display your new work of art.

Why Choose a Live Edge Dining Room Table?

Live edge dining tables bring with them several advantages that your average dining room table does not.

With the unmatched ability to adapt to a diverse range of decor, including modern, industrial, rustic, and Scandinavian, a live edge dining room table will never look out of place in any setting.

Plus, you can be proud of the fact that no one else in the world is sitting around a dining table exactly like yours! Authentic live edge tables are 100% unique and are made using your own uniquely picked slab of wood, whether that be walnut, oak, maple, gum tree, cherry, or ash.

Another benefit to purchasing a live edge dining room table? It is an ideal separator for open concept rooms. With more and more houses being built with an open plan living/dining room, it is important to find a way to differentiate the space without disturbing the balance of the room.

A live edge dining table can anchor the dining space, giving it its own unique identity in the room. Its natural beauty allows you to avoid items like room separators and rugs that do not necessarily contribute to the room's ambiance. 

live edge walnut dining table solid walnut kitchen table

6 Tips for Choosing and Styling Your Live Edge Dining Room Table

Ready to choose your live edge dining room table? Let’s head into our top tips on how to choose and style your life edge dining room table.

1. Size of the Table

When choosing your live edge dining room table, it’s important to consider the shape and size. Taking measurements of your room beforehand is the only way to know for sure which length will best fit into your dining room.

When it comes to the width of your live edge dining table, it’s important to note that this type of table ushers in the flexibility to widen the width compared to a conventional dining table. Due to the unique nature of each individual slab of wood, live edge tables become narrower in certain places, so don’t be afraid to go bigger.

2. Design of the Base/Legs

The base isn’t the star of the show when using live edge tables. In this case, less is more, so keep it simple to avoid competing with the beautiful tabletop. A sleek metal base is a great way to make the table more modern while using a wood base to infuse a more rustic, traditional design.

At Brick Mill Co., we offer an option of high-quality, locally sourced Cast Aluminium, U-Shaped, or A-Shaped legs on all of our dining tables. These options perfectly complement the intricacy of the live edge top without taking away from it in any way.

3. Finish

Don’t think of live edge tables as mere slabs of wood. For an exciting take on your conventional live edge table, you can add resin, concrete, and metals to the mix.

Whether you decide to add to your live edge dining table or simply choose to enjoy the eye-catching slab of wood as it is, a beautiful, natural finish will allow the grain to shine through. We finish our dining tables with a stunning 0% VOC plant-based finish, so you can feel confident in putting our products in your home.

4. Lighting

You may not realize that lighting is the jewelry of your home, so don’t be afraid to go bold. Doing so draws more lighting to a live edge table. For long live edge tables, consider a more linear chandelier or pairing two round chandeliers to elongate the table.

5. Accessories

When accessorizing, remember, a live edge table is truly a work of art, so avoid cluttering it. Simplicity is the way to go. You can accessorize with a row of plants in unique planters down the middle, a large eye-catching tray, or a unique sculptural bowl.

6. Chairs


Deciding on chairs to go with your meticulously handcrafted live edge table can be a difficult choice. Luckily, live edge tables can adapt to any decor, and most will look right at home with your woodsy masterpiece.

Upholstered chairs with similarly stained wooden legs can be a great addition to your live edge dining table, or you may even wish to try molded plastic or acrylic chairs. In addition, adding a live edge bench can be a stunning, perfectly matched addition to your seating arrangement.

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Should I get a live edge dining table?

If you are looking for a piece that truly brings the wow factor to your dining space, then a live edge dining room table may just be the right choice for you. Live edge furniture can adapt to any form of decor and matches effortlessly with any wall or accent colors. Investing in high-quality live edge furniture can also save you money in the long run, as they are built to last for decades.

How do you care for live edge furniture?

Live Edge Dining Tables should never require the use of any harsh chemicals; however, it’s important to check how your dining table has been sealed. At Brick Mill Co., our 0% VOC plant-based finishes will protect your product for many years to come, without the need for anything but a wet cloth to clean your table.

In the case of a particularly stubborn buildup, we recommend only using a natural soap in addition to a wet cloth. The temperature that you keep your home in will also contribute to the longevity of your live edge furniture’s life, as a natural temperature and humidity level will ensure that the wood does not dry out.

Why are live edge dining tables so expensive?

It is true that a locally sourced, top-quality live edge table with a stunning finish will be an expensive purchase. Why is this purchase worth the investment? When you are purchasing a meticulously handcrafted live edge table, you are purchasing an heirloom quality product.

A high-quality live edge dining table can be passed on from generation to generation, so we truly recommend buying the best table you can afford. By doing so, you will also help reduce your costs in the long run, as a great quality live edge dining table will never need to be replaced.