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7 Unique Live Edge Computer Desk Ideas for Your Home Office

Stuck inside typing all day and looking for a way to bring the outdoors into your home office? We’ve got the perfect solution! A live edge computer desk is a great way to enjoy the stunning beauty of natural wood indoors while in a business meeting or tallying numbers, bringing a sense of warmth and contentment to your day.

A live edge desk is meticulously handcrafted from a slab of your choice of high-quality wood (walnut, maple, and gum tree are some of our favorites!) and then sanded and finished with some or all of the bark’s edge intact, allowing you to enjoy the natural grain of the wood permeating through.

While you may opt for a more traditional live edge office desk for your home office setting, we’ve gathered 7 unique live edge computer desk ideas, so you can choose the perfect piece for your own individual home office needs.

Why Invest in a Live Edge Desk?

 Invest in a Live Edge Desk

Whether you work in an office or sit at your home office setup for 8 hours per day, you need to enjoy your surroundings. Working in a beautiful space where you enjoy your decor will instantly brighten your mood, helping your workday go much more smoothly (not to mention, go by quicker!).

While live edge desks and other live edge furniture are an investment, they will not only last you for years to come but will immediately pull together any room.

When purchasing a live edge office desk, you can be sure that you are receiving an item that is 100% unique - no one else in the world will be working at an office desk quite like yours! And that in itself is pretty special.

7 Unique Live Edge Computer Desk Ideas for Your Home Office

Ready to hear about how you can turn your favorite live edge piece of furniture into a versatile home office setup? Read on to find out more about our 7 unique live edge computer desk ideas for your home office.

1. Classic Live Edge Slab Desk


First, we have to start with the traditionally-sized, classic live edge wood slab desk. Made from a gorgeous slab of live edge wood, this type of live edge desk will be the most solid workspace you’ve ever owned. Our Live Edge Slab Office Desk comes in sizes up to 96” long and 30-36” wide, with smaller and custom sizes available.

The high-quality cast aluminum or black metal base helps provide both style and stability while not taking away from the live edge top. Pair your live edge office desk with virtually any computer chair and watch your home office come to life.

2. Narrow Live Edge Desk

Do you have a smaller space that requires more of an inconspicuous desk? Then a narrow live edge desk may be for you. Not everyone has a dedicated home office room, and even if they do, they may be trying to utilize space as much as possible.

Our narrow live edge wood desk is only 10-15” wide, with lengths starting at 24”, making carving out a corner of the home for your home office much more possible. Whether placed in a foyer, hallway, entryway, or a corner of the living room, you’ll love the natural beauty that this narrow piece brings to your home.

3. Live Edge Floating Window Desk

Our first alternative to the traditional desk is the live edge floating window desk! Using either a regular or a custom-built live edge floating shelf to accommodate angles, you can easily transform a window into a stunning office space. Attach your live edge floating shelf right below where your window ends in your little window nook and enjoy a bright and sunny view to go with your woodsy desk.

4. Live Edge Tiny Alcove Desk

This DIY home office space quite literally involves a tiny alcove, a carefully measured live edge floating shelf, and a chair, and you’ve got yourself a home office in a tiny dwelling. It’s important to note that it is possible to carve out a corner of any home as your own home office - you just need to get creative!

5. Bar-Height Live Edge Desk

Do you love sitting at a bar height table? How about turning one into your live edge computer desk? Using one of our Live Edge Bar Height Tables, you can easily transform an entire wall of your home into a bar height live edge desk. Starting at just 30”, these bar height tables are a unique way to switch up your typical home office setup while still looking stunning and professional.

6. Live Edge Desk in a Closet

Another great use for live edge floating shelves - turning your live edge closet into a desk! This innovative idea is a fantastic space saver and incorporates a live edge floating shelf as your desk.

Add more live edge shelves above your desk, and you have additional storage space for both your office supplies and more personal items. Plus, if your closet has a closing door, you can simply remove the chair and close the door when you’re done, saving space like an absolute pro.

7. Home Office in Kitchen

It is not uncommon for a kitchen to double as a home office, so why not stake out a more permanent space in your kitchen? This is another project you can either use a live edge floating shelf for or even a small sofa table. This can double as an extra kitchen seating area when you’re not hard at work.


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Why do they call it “live edge?”

wooden piece

A live edge slab of solid wood refers to a piece of wood that has maintained the natural beauty that mother nature gave it. In other words, features of the tree can still be seen throughout the slab of wood, with the circumference of the tree often being preserved. The edges of the tree will often be left untouched, giving this type of furniture the name “live edge.” 

How thick is a live edge desk?

This completely depends on who handcrafts your desk! At Brick Mill Co., our standard-sized desks are 1-1.5” thick, which may vary depending on your own individually chosen slab of wood. Our live edge narrow desks are 1-1.25” thick.

Is a live edge desk modern?

One of the many benefits to a live edge table is the fact that they are not any particular style. Live edge tables fit in with rustic, modern, traditional, and industrial settings and will complement any wall or accent color.

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