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10 Most Popular Live Edge Wood Coffee Table Trends & Decorating Tips

Live edge tables have been in existence for much longer than any of us realize. Since the very beginnings of building furniture, live edge tables became a time-effective and cost-effective way of building sturdy, functional furniture that would last a lifetime.

Settlers converted the raw wood slabs into beds, chairs, and tables while building their homesteads. In 1946, award-winning designer and architect George Nakashima added live edge furniture to his collection for Knoll.

Live edge furniture immediately started appearing in modern homes and has since then soared in popularity, with live edge coffee tables being no exception.

Although the universal appeal of live edge coffee tables goes beyond any trend, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great ideas out there on how to incorporate them into your living room.

In this article, we take a look at the 10 most popular live edge coffee table trends that are currently taking the furniture industry by storm, so you can have a better idea of how a live edge coffee table will fit into your home.

1. Add Hairpin Legs to Your Live Edge Coffee Table

 Hairpin Legs to Your Live Edge Coffee Table

There’s just something about hairpin legs and live edge tables that works together perfectly when combined into a coffee table. Haven’t yet heard of this live edge hardware staple? Hairpin legs are slender steel rods, which are bent into a deep, rounded V shape, and can be somewhat liked to the shape of hair or clothespins.

Hairpin legs are not only simple in design, but they are easy to attach to any surface. Hairpin legs allow the meticulously handcrafted top of your live edge coffee table to take the spotlight, letting the simple hardware frame take a backseat as it holds it in place.

2. Cluster Multiple Live Edge Coffee Tables Together

While one standard-sized live edge coffee table may be more your taste, clustering together a group of two or three smaller live edge coffee tables can be a fantastic way to make a statement without overcrowding the room.

This trend works best with similar designs that have different heights and/or different sized tops. Not only can two or three smaller tables be more practical, but this alternative to your typical standard-sized coffee table can definitely be more interesting.

3. Keep Your Live Edge Coffee Table as the Standout Piece

Although there is no problem with wanting to don your entire house with matching live edge pieces, there may not be a need for a matching dining table if they’re in close quarters.

While repeating a certain style, pattern, or color through a room is often encouraged when it comes to decor; this is not the case with live edge furniture. Instead, you can keep your live edge coffee table as a one-of-a-kind piece, putting all the focus on this one stunning piece of the outdoors.

4. Treat Your Live Edge Coffee Table as a Work of Art

 Edge Coffee Table as a Work of Art

The rugged, intricate beauty of a live edge coffee table can easily double as a work of art for the space it’s in. Showpieces such as our Rustic Black Gum Live Edge Coffee Table instantly steal the show, deeming additional pieces of artwork unnecessary.  In other words, you can save the Picasso for another room and leave your live edge coffee table to shine!

5. The More Natural Looking, the Better

While some prefer the slightly more polished live edge table, others prefer the natural, rustic wood slab that looks like it’s been freshly cut out of the woods. The natural inclusion of character elements as small cracks, knotholes, wormholes, and spalting will contribute to your live edge table’s one-of-a-kind nature and in no way reflects on the quality of the table.

6. Compliment With Other Nature-Inspired Decor

While there is no need to try to match live edge with live edge in the same room, there’s no reason why you can’t keep with the theme of more subtle, nature-inspired decor. By adding potted plants and nature-inspired colors, you can subtly complement the natural elements of your live edge coffee table. 

7. Use Your Live Edge Coffee Table to Complement Elegant Contemporary Spaces

While live edge furniture can perfectly complement rustic or bohemian decor, it is also a great addition to industrial, Scandinavian, and modern or contemporary spaces.

While you may not think that the rustic, fresh from the outdoors look of the live edge table would fit in with a more contemporary space, it manages to perfectly compliment the otherwise smooth surfaces of the more modern living room.

Adding a live edge wood coffee table to a contemporary space means adding amplifying the new focal point of your living room, which guests will be raving about each time they visit your home.

8. Choose a Natural, Organic Vibe

While some prefer the gorgeous look of a dark walnut live edge coffee table, an ash, maple, or black gum coffee table makes you feel like you truly have a piece of the outdoors inside your home.

These natural-looking pieces perfectly compliment bright, airy, sunfilled living rooms and go great with a neutral color scheme, making your living space feel like a truly zen environment.

9. Find Custom Furniture Solutions

 Find Custom Furniture Solutions

While you may easily be able to find a live edge coffee table that fits your needs in terms of width, height, length, finish, and thickness, you may be requiring a little something different than what is currently offered.

At Brick Mill Co., we love providing custom solutions to our customers and will source wood especially for you to make your vision become a reality. Contact us before placing your order so we can provide you with a custom quote!

10. Beyond the Coffee Table

While we have delved purely into live edge coffee tables today, there is so much more to explore in the showstopping world of live edge furniture. At Brick Mill Co, we not only offer meticulously handcrafted live edge coffee tables but also live edge benches, sofa tables, desks, benches, shelves, console tables, and dining tables, as well as craft wood furniture and solid wood tables.

We handcraft all of our live edge furniture on a former 1800s lumber mill located in Williamsport, PA. Our family-owned business is passionate about creating handcrafted bespoke furniture that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Have a look here at our selection of live edge furniture!

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