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Spruce Up Your Home Office with a Modern Wood Adjustable Desk - Brick Mill Furniture

Sitting down all day long to do work can be bad for your health, and bad for productivity! Thankfully, relief is here in the form of a height adjustable standing desk! An adjustable desk enables you to switch between sitting and standing throughout your work period easily, to promote productivity and health.

If you're looking to find a great sit stand desk, we have some amazing wood desks at Brick Mill Furniture! Below is a look at the top benefits of sprucing up your office with a modern wood adjustable desk and why wood is such an excellent material.

Benefits of an Adjustable Desk

You Can Use It While Sitting or Standing

The best height adjustable desk allows you to adjust its height low for a seated position or high for a standing position. That way, you can easily alternate between sitting and standing as you work.  Whether you are sitting or standing, the right height is one where your elbows are bent at a right angle, forearms parallel to the desk top.

Can They Be Shared by People of Different Height

Unlike a fixed standing desk that is suitable for a person of a specific height, adjustable desks can be used by different people of different heights. You can easily adjust the desk height to the users’ height when needed, so everyone is always comfortable.

Improves Productivity

An adjustable desk enables you to maintain a good body posture for optimal alertness, which can do wonders for your productivity!

People who use an adjustable height desk report feeling more energetic overall. Alternating between standing and sitting can boost your productivity, the same way a short break or walk will. It boosts blood circulation throughout your body and leaves you feeling refreshed for each task.

Lowers the Risk of Various Health Issues

Several studies link a sedentary lifestyle characterized by prolonged sitting with diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and hypertension among others. Even an hour of extensive exercise each day may not be enough to offset the effects of sitting throughout the day.

Therefore, it is advisable to incorporate movement and activities that raise your metabolism in the course of your day. Using an adjustable desk minimizes the amount of time you spend seated when working.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wooden Adjustable Desk

Operation Mechanism

Ideally, you want a desk that adjusts smoothly and easily. An auto-operated or motorized adjustment mechanism is the most convenient. However, an auto adjustable desk/electric standing desk is more expensive than manually operated adjustable desks.

A smooth and controlled adjustment mechanism is especially important if you have fragile equipment or motion-sensitive equipment placed on the desk top. Consider the speed of adjustment and whether there is any noise produced if you are in an office space that needs quiet. 

The mechanism should be completely quiet. Manually operated adjustable desks adjust more slowly and may produce some noise as you use the hand crank. The most sophisticated adjustable desks are electric and programmable. With these, you can set your ideal seated and standing height and you can easily adjust with a simple press of a button. 


The adjustable desk should offer you a comfortable working space. If you adjust it to the correct height, you should be able to maintain an upright body posture whether you are standing or seated. You shouldn’t have to hunch over the desk surface while you work.

Height Range

The desk should easily adjust within the highest standing height for the tallest user and the lowest seated height for the shortest user. Most auto adjustable desks offer a wide height adjustment range, while manual adjustable desks have a short-range.

Weight Capacity

Generally, fixed desks have a higher weight capacity than an adjustable desk. However, most adjustable desk options can hold the weight of the typical office supplies, such as a laptop or computer, keyboard tray, keypad, or other tools. Be mindful not to overbear on the desk as it can cause it to break or damage the adjusting mechanism.


The durability of an adjustable desk depends on the quality of the desk top and the base frame. The width, material, and adjusting mechanism of the frame determine its durability.

Materials such as steel, iron, and aluminum are quite durable compared to plastic stands. However, iron and steel are prone to corrosion and rusting.  A motorized adjustment mechanism is more prone to breakdown than an automatically operated mechanism.

The most common desk top materials include laminate, medium-density fiberboards, bamboo, natural wood, and live edge wood. Laminate is a synthetic wood look-alike. It is durable and resistant to decay, dents, and scratches. Laminate desks are affordable, but they stain easily and are not durable.

Fiberboards are man-made wood from recycling wood fibers and scrap wood, binding them with resin and then pressing them in high heat. It is a low-cost alternative for natural wood. It gives the appearance of hardwood when covered with veneer. It can also be painted. However, it is prone to moisture damage.

Bamboo is visually appealing and also low cost. It has a similar appearance to white oak or maple.  It is resistant to moisture, humidity, high temperatures, decay, and insects. However, the desk tops are more prone to scratches and dents.

Why Wood is the Best Material for an Adjustable Desk

Solid wood comes in a wide range of wood species and is one of the best materials for adjustable desks.  It is sophisticated and aesthetically outstanding.  The tensile strength of a solid wood desktop is unmatchable. A hardwood desk top, whether polished or live edge can last many years. 

In case of scratches or stains, it is easy to repair by buffing, refinishing, and restaining. Wood desk tops for adjustable desks are sturdy and have a high weight capacity. However, the solid wood top can be quite heavy and require a strong base desk frame.

Live edge wood is even more sophisticated and durable. It makes your adjustable desk stand out. As long as the wood dries properly and the desk top is well sealed, these can be heirloom pieces. The wood retains its natural characteristics including its edges, knots, grain pattern, and texture, and brings nature into your office, which promotes calm, creativity, and productivity.

Wood is environmentally sustainable and friendly. It is renewable and has a minimal carbon footprint. Responsible manufacturers employ wood harvesting and sourcing practices that promote sustainability. If sustainability matters to you, wood is a great material of choice for a new desk.

The Brick Mill Furniture Modern Wood Adjustable Desks

Brick Mill Furniture offers a wide range of modern wood adjustable desks. They are made of white oak live edge wood and are sealed with a 0% VOC epoxy finish. These desks come with a stable and sturdy base that is easy to install with a few tools at home or in the office.


Brick Mill sources high-quality live edge wood, and each piece is handcrafted. In some cases, we dry the wood ourselves. Each piece is crafted by passionate and highly experienced woodworkers. Our modern adjustable desks can fit in with your home office whether it has rustic, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian aesthetics.

They are high-end, statement pieces that will last a long time. The price of these pieces is a reflection of their high quality, well-thought-through craftsmanship, and durability.

Each piece is unique, showcasing its unique wood color, texture, and grain pattern. The desk top slab may have slight discoloration, cracks, and worms but they do not affect the structural integrity. We fill cracks and worm holes with epoxy for a great aesthetic appeal.


We offer a wide range of sizes for our adjustable desk tops starting at 18 X 36 Inches to 36 X 72 Inches. The desk tops are 1-1.25inches thick. You can also combine two desks to form an L shaped desk top that comes with a 3-legged frame.  If you can’t find the specific dimension you want, reach out to us for a custom design.

Order Delivery and Shipping

We aim to complete your order in 3-4 weeks for items whose raw materials are in stock. However, it can take up to 2 months to dispatch as it may take time to source for the wood.

Brick Mill Furniture ships across the United States. We organize white glove or freight shipping for your live edge adjustable desk top and stand at an additional cost. The items are shipped separately so they may arrive a few days apart.  We accept returns and exchanges per our terms and conditions.

In Conclusion

Proper desk space is crucial for getting work done. Therefore, it should be ergonomic and practical. Incorporating a modern wood adjustable desk in your home office will spruce up your space, improve your health, and boost your productivity. If you're looking, shop for your own height adjustable wooden desk from Brick Mill Furniture here!

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