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The Best Live Edge Desk Top for Your Standing Desk

A live edge desk top can be a piece of art, bringing nature and authenticity to your workspace. If you've been looking to upgrade your desk, whether at work or your home office, a live edge wood desk is an amazing choice to make! You can even make your live edge desk a standing desk, which is great for any office space.

Below is a look at the benefits of a live edge desk top, and factors you need to consider when choosing one for your standing desk. We also review one of the best live edge standing desk top from Brick Mill Co. Let's dive in!

Benefits of Live Edge Desk Top

Fits Well with Different Décor Styles

You can incorporate a solid wood live edge desk in both modern and traditional aesthetics. Although live edge wood slabs date back centuries, they are still a great look in the modern world.

Each Live Edge Desk Top is Unique

Each piece of live edge slab is unique. Even those that are made of the same tree species, each tree has a unique color tone, wood grain pattern, and texture. With a live edge piece, you get a one-of-a-kind, perfect piece of art.

They Bring Nature in Your Workspace

A live edge desk top can make your space feel alive and calming. This increases your productivity and creativity. It also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.

They are Durable and Functional

Hardwood live edge desk tops are a great heirloom. Most are resistant to rot and insects and can last for centuries. They are strong and provide a sturdy working space.

What to Consider When Choosing a Live Edge Desk Top for Your Standing Desk

Wood Slab Species

The most commonly used live edge wood species for standing desks include walnut, maple, cherry, red oak, and ash. Each has a range of color tones, grain patterns, wood density, and durability. Make sure the wood you choose for your  live edge wood for standing desk is durable, sturdy, and lightweight.

Finish Type

There are different types of live edge desk top finishes, including oil-based satin, oil finish, lacquer, mineral oil, natural wax, and epoxy. All are effective at protecting the wood from spills and scratches. However, some last longer than others.

Epoxy is the most durable type of finish but it is also the most labor-intensive and expensive. It requires that you follow the mixing and application protocol provided by the manufacturer in detail. Otherwise, it may not set properly and may have air bubbles. Most manufacturers apply epoxy finish on their live edge desk tops.

If you are keen on supporting a green economy, consider live edge desk tops that are finished with VOC-free epoxy finishes.

Oil finishes accentuate the natural beauty of the live edge and its grain pattern. Although oil finishes are quite cheap and non-toxic, the equipment for applying them is quite expensive. Therefore, most companies do not offer the option for oil-based live edge finishes.

Interior Design

Live edge furniture blends perfectly with rustic and Scandinavian interior styles. Their natural edge provides beautiful contrast for modern and contemporary interior design. Consider how the live edge wood color blends or contrasts with your existing interior design colors and elements.


The right size of your standing desk depends on how much working space you need, and the space available in your home or office. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of size options to choose from. You can also often work with a manufacturer for a custom desk design.  

Those looking to maximize space can consider a l shaped desk. This optimizes space use in your room and provides ample workspace. 

Base Options

Some manufacturers sell their live edge desk tops as a set inclusive of a stand. Others sell the stand separately at an additional cost. Keep this in mind before you buy.

Base options for standing desk tops are either fixed, manually adjustable, or motorized. When buying separately, ensure that the stand is compatible with the size and weight of the desk top.


There is a wide range of live edge standing desk tops to choose from at different princes, but typically, live edge desk tops are more expensive than other desks.

A live edge wood slab needs to be carefully sourced, and carefully worked with to maintain the raw edge. Their price ranges between $400 up to thousands of dollars.  The price usually increases with the size of the desk top. Spend some time browsing to get a sense of how much live edge desk tops go for, and then decide how much you are willing to spend on your desk. 

Shipping Options 

Since live edge desks can be quite heavy, especially for bigger sizes, most manufacturers organize freight delivery at an extra cost. Those that sell the desk top together with the base may ship them together or separately. 

Best Live Edge Desk Top for Standing Desk – Brick Mill Furniture 

If you want to buy the best of the best, but from Brick Mill Furniture! Here’s why: 


Brick Mill has an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality live edge furniture. They have a range of oak desk tops and a live edge collection for you to choose from. 

Brick Mill sources for the wood and in some cases dry it to themselves to ensure the highest quality of the desk tops. The production process ensures the natural wood slab will retain the grain pattern and texture of the live wood. 

These are heirloom pieces that will serve you for many years with proper care and maintenance. They are sealed with high-end 0% VOC plant-based finish. 


Brick Mill offers a wide range of sizes for this product category ranging from 36” in length up to 72” and 18” in width up to 36”. The desk tops are 1 to 1.25” thick. 

If you do not find the exact dimensions you want, reach out to us for a custom design.  You could also combine two desk tops for an L-shaped standing desk.  

We provide bases with our desk tops. L-shaped desk tops come with three legs to enable you to join the two tables. The bases are usually shipped separately from the desk tops and there might be a slight delay between the delivery timelines for the two packages. If needed, we can organize freight or white glove delivery to your home at an additional cost. 

We aim to dispatch items whose raw materials are in stock within 3-4 weeks. However, if the raw materials are out of stock, dispatch may take up to 2 months as we source the wood for our live edge slabs.

Live Edge Desk Top for Standing Desks FAQ

Why are Live Edge Desktops So Expensive?

Live edge desk tops are more expensive than regular natural wood desktops for various reasons. First, they cannot be produced in bulk. The wood has to be sourced, cut, dried, and crafted separately. As such, most live edge desk tops are handcrafted, which is a labor-intensive process.  

The process of making the desk tops is also quite intricate. Woodworkers have to find viable live edge wood that is mature, has enough wood density, and does not have too many knots.

They then have to dry the wood until the moisture content is considerably low. The process of air drying can even take years. Even though there is an option to dry the wood in a kiln, it has to have been air dried to get the moisture content below 20%. If this process is not followed carefully, the wood may warp or break when being cut to make furniture or over time once the furniture is complete. 

The wood is then cut into slabs to make your live edge desk tops and other furniture. It is sanded and sealed manually.

In addition to this lengthy process, there is also a high demand for live edge wood, with a low supply. Therefore, it can be difficult to find raw materials to make a live edge table or desk.


Using a live edge desk top for your standing desk can make your space stand out! There is a wide range of options to choose from on the market depending on your preference for size, wood slab species, finish, and budget.

Consider Brick Mill Co for your next live edge desk! We have the best products on the market in this category, handcrafted by passionate woodworkers to the highest quality. We can also custom design a desk top as per your needs and preferences. Click here to discover our products.