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What Are Cherry Shelves & What to Look For

Floating shelves are functional and versatile pieces that will make a huge difference in any room. This is because the floating shelves don’t just give you a place to store your precious objects and accessories, but they can add to your décor and offer aesthetic appeal.

In this article, we will discuss what cherry shelves are and what to look for when you place them in your home. We’re also going to give you some tips on how to decorate your cherry floating shelves to make them pop on your walls.

What Are Cherry Shelves?

Cherry wood shelves are strong, natural, timeless, elegant, and look great in any room. Cherry is considered to be a softer hardwood, but it still provides great durability. In fact, it’s known for its beauty and strength and is one of the most sought-after wood types for furniture and shelves. Cherry shelves change color with the light, so they will be unique every time you walk into the room where your cherry floating shelves are hung.  

What to Look for in Cherry Shelves

This next section will talk about what to look for when picking out cherry shelves for your room. We’ll also give you some design ideas that will enhance the look of your cherry floating shelves.

How to Pick Cherry Shelves for the Living Room

If your TV sits on a TV stand, you probably have enough space on your wall right above it to put up a cherry floating shelf. This is a great place to put a cherry floating shelf because these shelves draw your eyes up and provide an appeal that’s not the TV.

If you love to read, you can hang your cherry floating shelves and organize your books on the floating shelf to add an organized, neat appearance to your living room. Or you can use the cherry shelves to hold some of your favorite knickknacks and house plants.

How to Pick Cherry Floating Shelves for the Kitchen

If you need extra space to store some dishes or want to add a design element that doesn’t take up your counter space, cherry floating shelves are your best bet. You can hang the cherry shelves up between cabinets or on any wall in the kitchen that has space. Once you’ve hung up the shelves, you can put your favorite, most beautiful dishes on display so everyone can see them.

To prevent you from having an empty shelf, you can keep rotating your items by replacing them with seasonal items to keep the kitchen space feeling new and fresh. If you want the cherry shelves to be extremely functional, you can add hooks to the bottom of your cherry shelves so you can hang utensils, potholders, or coffee mugs.

Live edge cherry floating shelves are a great choice for kitchens that need a touch of rustic charm and a decorative element.

Picking Cherry Shelves for the Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are another great place to add cherry floating shelves because they help keep your room tidy. Plus, if your laundry room doesn’t have much color to it, the red of the cherry wood will add a pop of color.

You can use your cherry shelves in your laundry room to hold all of your essential laundry room items, such as your detergent pods, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and laundry scent beads. If you want to make your laundry room look extra fancy, you can take your laundry items out of their original packaging and put them in glass containers. This will add a beautiful design element to your laundry room.

Why Should I Pick Cherry Shelves?

Chances are, you don’t want plain black or white shelves in your room. No – chances are, you’re looking to add a rustic touch with a small pop of color. As we mentioned above, cherry shelves have a unique reddish color that other types of wood don’t have. Because of their natural beauty, they’re a great addition to any room.

How to Style Your Room with Cherry Floating Shelves

Our floating shelves will look great in any room, but cherry shelves look best in a room that needs a little pop of color. Walnut floating shelves are best for rooms that feel cozy and warm farmhouse feel to display houseplants and white candles.

And traditional wood colors look great in industrial or modern home environments because they look classic and sturdy, especially with their clean lines and natural look.


Still, have some questions about cherry floating shelves and what to look for? We put together a list of some of the most commonly asked questions to help you out.

Is Cherry Good for Shelves?

Cherry wood has been long desired for cabinetry and furniture because of its color. When it’s first milled, it has a light pink color, and with age and exposure to light, the color turns into a rich reddish-brown. It’s also a sturdy piece of wood, so it’s a great choice for shelves because of its strength and coloring.

What is the Longest Size of Cherry Floating Shelves that I Can Buy?

At Brick Mill, Co., we offer cherry floating shelves in lengths from 18” up to 96”, and each piece is about 1.75”-2” thick, but the length and thickness will depend on the piece of wood we pick for your cherry shelves.

Is the Hardware Included with My Cherry Shelves?

Yes! The hardware that you need for your cherry shelves is pre-drilled into the floating shelves. Assembly is straightforward, all you need is a drill, screwdriver, and level for proper installation – all you need to do is hang up the bracket and slide the shelf onto the pegs.

How Long Does It Take to Ship My Cherry Floating Shelves?

We try to ship out our cherry floating shelves within one to two weeks of receiving your order from our PA workshop. To purchase one-of-a-kind cherry shelves, simply select your quantity and shelf size, and we’ll make your shelves for you as soon as we can.

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