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Live Edge Entryway Tables

Brick Mill Furniture's entryway tables are a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, designed to enhance the welcoming atmosphere of any home's entrance. Handcrafted with locally sourced wood, these tables feature high-quality materials and impeccable design. The diverse range of styles ensures that there's an option to complement any interior decor. Each entryway table is not only a stylish piece of furniture but also provides practical storage solutions for keys, mail, and other essentials.

Live Edge Entryway Tables


Locally Sourced Wood

We aim to source as much of our wood as possible locally, supporting local mills and reducing our footprint. Much of our wood is made from salvaged and reclaimed trees, giving you a sustainable piece of furniture for your home or business. We make all our products in Pennsylvania from start to finish.

How we create it

Each wood slab is dried through our state-of-the-art vacuum kiln. Traditional kilns only heat the outside of the wood, but our vacuum kiln dries from the inside out. Once dried, we use both a professional belt sander and a fine hand sander to make a beautiful flat surface for your piece. During the final stage, we apply a high quality conversion varnish plant-based finish that is toxic-free and made to last. Our hand finishes ensure an even distribution and smooth surface.


We pre-drill any necessary holes for assembly and source strong and durable industrial hardware, all included with your purchase.

Why Brick Mill furniture?

Made To Order

We make every table to order to your specifications -- pick your wood, style, size, and we make and ship it right to your home!

American Proud

We source all of our wood and products from the USA.


We're giving salvaged wood another life which offers benefits to both the environment and your home!

We plant a tree

For every piece of furniture sold, we plant a tree in your honor through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

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Brick Mill Furniture is more than just a business. Let us create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or business!

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Chat with us

Our competent furnishing consultation will be happy to advise you.

Get a Custom Quote

Brick Mill Furniture is more than just a business. Let us create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or business!

Send us an SMS.

Our interior designers are here to help you to find the furniture of your dreams.

Live Edge Entryway Tables



Who is Brick Mill Co.?

Brick Mill Co. is a family-owned business located in Williamsport, PA, on a former 1800s lumber mill. Brick Mill Co. is passionate about creating handcrafted bespoke furniture that can be passed on from our family to yours for years to come. We sell custom live edge console tables, desks, coffee tables, and more, as well as craft wood furniture and solid wood tables.

What sets our products apart from others? We carefully oversee our products every step of the way, from the initial slab of unfinished wood all the way down to finishing your heirloom-quality product. As a family business, we create high-quality furniture that we would be proud to pass down from generation to generation.

Our Products

Our live edge console tables are the perfect choice for any home, office, or industrial setting. The following products are currently available in various sizes, with an option for custom sizes according to your needs and specifications.

Live Edge Console Table (Walnut)


Live Edge Walnut Console Table


Our meticulously handcrafted Live Edge Console Table in walnut is the perfect way to greet guests to your home. Whether using your console table as a hallway table, an entryway table, or a foyer table, you’ll be creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere the minute your guests walk through your door.

Made from stunning slabs of locally sourced black walnut, you’ll love the look of the dark grain that penetrates throughout our handcrafted wood. Use our live edge console tables as a place to store your keys, sunglasses, or any of other life’s essential knick nacks before you leave the house again, or use it to display plants, photo frames, and candles.


Our live edge console tables stand approximately 30” tall, with a thickness of 1-1.5”, and a  standard width of anywhere from 10-15” (depending on your own uniquely picked slab of walnut). While this particular item comes in lengths up to 96”, we happy to provide custom orders. Please contact us to see if we can make your vision a reality!

Live Edge Console Table (Maple, Ash or Oak)


Live Edge Ash Console Table


Our Live Edge Console Tables in maple, ash, or oak are the perfect modern yet rustic addition to your hallway, entryway, or foyer. There is no type of decor that this live edge console table does not compliment, making it the perfect addition to offices, industrial settings, and your warm and inviting home.

Handcrafted from scratch, we dry, sand, and seal your furniture ourselves, using only the most high-quality locally sourced materials and finishes. The dark metal legs of your live edge console table are a beautiful contrast to the light wood of your maple, ash, or oak table and are also locally sourced from Pennsylvania businesses.


Our 1-1.5” thick live edge console tables stand roughly 30” tall, with a standard width of 10-15”. The exact dimensions of your live edge console table will be determined by your own individual wood slab of maple, ash, or oak. While this item comes in lengths up to 96”, we happy to see if we can accommodate your custom order.

Caring For Your Live Edge Console Table

Our live edge console tables will never require the use of any harsh chemicals. With our finishes protecting your product for many years to come, we recommend only using a wet cloth to remove any spills or accumulation of dust. In the case of a particularly stubborn buildup that a wet cloth cannot remove, we recommend using natural soap.

In addition, keeping your home at a natural humidity level and temperature will help with the longevity of your live edge console table’s life. Many years in the future, it is possible that you will need to renew the finish of your live edge console table.

In this case, we recommend a finishing solution called Renew, which can be applied by simply rubbing it into the table. No sanding or additional work will ever be required with your live edge furniture.


What can Live Edge Console Tables be used for?

Because our console tables are only 10-15” wide, they are highly unobtrusive. This means that they are perfect for the narrowest spaces in your home, including entryways and hallways. Console tables are also the perfect way to create a little extra space in more commonly used areas and can be used as a media stand, a vanity, a desk, or even as a bar.

Can I choose the legs for my Live Edge Console Table?

Absolutely! We give you the option to select either hairpin legs or U-Shaped legs before checkout. Either option is made from the highest quality black metal and is a beautiful accompaniment to your live edge wood.

What is the quality of the wood and finish used in your Live Edge Console Tables?

Your Live Edge Console table will only be made of the highest grade, locally sourced lumber and slabs available. Our Live Edge products are finished with a low to 0% VOC plant-based finish, so you can feel confident that our products are safe for the entire family (including your furry friends!).  Our products are made right at our warehouse in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, with as much of our materials as possible being locally sourced.

How dry is the wood that you use in your products?

We vacuum dry much of our wood ourselves to around 6-8%, which depends on the needs of the particular slab.