Bringing History And Nature To Life In Your Home

Brick Mill is a team of crafters and woodworkers committed to building the finest unique and custom furniture made anywhere in the United States. We are located in the heart of the old lumber capital of the world, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and have access to some of the finest and most exclusive hardwoods on the Earth. Our philosophy is simple – source sustainable, high-grade lumber and create select heirloom furniture that can be passed from generation to generation. We source everything from 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood to sustainably sourced logs from our backyard. We perform all of the work from log to table with no imports and no middlemen involved.

Williamsport, PA

Our home in Williamsport, Pennsylvania has an extensive lumber history. Beginning in the late 19th century, loggers milled over 8 billion board feet of lumber right here on the Susquehanna River. Logs that were sent down the river were sorted into one of several mills by the stamps on the end of each one. Timber going to Brick Mill was stamped with a diamond, which we honor by using the same shape in our logo and individually branding into each of our products. We hope you take pride in knowing that every table is individually hand crafted, honoring the men and women that once worked at the Brick Mill and helped build America.


Williamsport provided the lumber that was key to building millions of houses as the U.S. population blossomed in the earth 20th century. The site of our company, the historic Brick Mill, was built in 1865 and milled over 13 million board feet of pine and walnut per year. The Brick Mill was run by a few men during its existence -- Nehemiah Shaw, P. B. Merrill, E. England, Craig & Blanchard to name a few – before shuttering their doors in 1902. We are honoring our history by creating one-of-a-kind, tailored pieces of furniture that honor the Brick Mill’s place in fueling America’s expansion during the second Industrial Revolution.


We're family-owned and operated by multiple generations!

Our Commitment

We're committed to honoring our history by creating high-end furniture that tells a story.

Made in the USA!

We're located in the heart of central Pennsylvania and have access to the finest woods and products. 100% American-Made!