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Live Edge Dining Tables

made from a slab of wood that retains the natural edge of the tree from which it was cut

Handcrafted Live Edge Tables

Live edge dining tables are not straight or perfectly cut, but rather follow the natural curves of the wood. The term "live edge" refers to the fact that the wood is left in its natural state, without any trimming or alterations made to the edges. The unique natural edges of live edge dining tables make them an eye-catching centerpiece in any dining room or kitchen. They also provide a connection to nature and the outdoors, bringing a touch of the natural world into your home.


How are Live Edge Dining Tables Made?


Choosing The Right Materials

To start with, we work with each client to pick out the slabs that work best for them. This ensures that they get the exact design that they envision. A chalk outline is drawn on the slabs to get the specific size and shape. The slabs are flattened and planed to create a perfectly level surface. After this, they are sanded down to help remove splinters and shavings. The slabs are then measured and cut to size.


Building The Table

Both slabs are glued together in a bookmatching set, which allows for symmetry in the live edges. The ends are then trimmed off to get the exact dimensions, and the inserts for the legs are added. Larger solid wood tables can be heavy, so having sturdy legs to support them are really important. After ensuring everything is perfect, the table is ready for the finishing process.



During the final stage, we apply a high quality 0% VOC plant-based finish that is toxic-free and made to last. Our hand finishes ensure an even distribution and smooth surface. This also allow for an easier surface to maintain and keep clean.

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Who is Brick Mill, Co.?
Brick Mill Co. is located in Williamsport, PA, the former lumber capital of the world. It’s a family-owned business that operates out of an old lumber mill from the 1800s. We are passionate about handcrafting heirloom furniture that you can pass from generation to generation. We sell an epoxy table and other live edge wood furniture that is unique.
Why Us?
Our woodworkers have years of experience in the trade and know what they’re doing. They oversee the entire process of creating beautiful dining table to make it perfect for you. The materials we use to build our tables have been locally and sustainably sourced, so you can feel good knowing that your walnut dining table table is economically friendly.
Features & Sizing
Our walnut dining tables come in several widths and lengths between 60” and 96”. Each piece of black walnut wood is around 1.5-2” thick but will vary depending on the piece and length of wood we pick out for your table. If you’re looking for a size that we don’t have, you can contact us to ask about a custom-sized walnut dining table.