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Meet The Team

Brick Mill is More Than Just A Business. We're a Family.

Team Members

Victor Ko

Zac Caseman

General Manager

"The best part of this job is having a team oriented and family based business. I enjoy doing my job and making sure everything flows well."
Marin Julia

Jacob Krotzer


"I appreciate the challenge of each unique piece of wood and crafting it into something that people will love."

Matt Deneffe

Production Manager

"Designing and creating furniture has always been my passion. This job is a venue to accomplish that passion."
Marin Julia

Jeremiah Caseman

Shipping / Logistics lead

"I'm really excited to see where the shop goes. Everything changes from day to day. It's really cool to watch and be a part of."
Marin Julia

Kody Minnier

Epoxy / Finishing Lead

"I enjoy being able to take our lumber and turn it into truly unique and beautiful pieces of furniture that will be in our clients' homes for years to come."
K.a Joben

Mason Minnier

Epoxy/Finishing Specialist

"It's amazing to be able to work in a place where everyone has a passion for the work. It allows us to come together and create unique, high quality, hand crafted pieces like no where else."

Scot Johnson


"I have always enjoyed wood working. I love working at Brick Mill."
Marin Julia

Justin Karschner


"I love my job, and I enjoy making beautiful wood furniture. I am going to retire from Brick Mill."
Marin Julia

Sarah Miller

Administrative Assistant

"I like working with people who genuinely love what they do. It's nice to help organize a good company that makes great products."
Marin Julia

Richard Caseman "Pops"

Shipping Crate Builder & Maintenance

"I enjoy building the crates that will ensure you receive your heirloom furniture without damage, along with working with many family members in a growing business."
Marin Julia

Amy Caseman

Back Office Support

"I am amazed, on a daily basis, of the beautiful pieces our team creates. I love working with my family, and I am so proud of Brick Mill!"
Marin Julia

Billy Kline


"I enjoy learning the process of creating both dimensional and live edge tables starting with choosing the board. There are great coworkers and a fun atmosphere."
Marin Julia

Ian Hufnagel

Sales/Customer Service

"Great family-oriented work environment with a focus on quality."
Marin Julia

Brandon Schuster


"I love being treated like family and being surrounded by like minded people."
Marin Julia

JoAnn Caseman (Gram)

Shipping Crate Builder & Maintenance

"I love watching the new products being designed from start to finish. I also enjoy working with a great group of people and my family."

Dakota Herlocher


"I enjoy the work I am doing here, I have always wanted to work with wood since I was a kid and doing it for Brick Mill makes it even better. I love Live Edge wood."

Isaac Bieter


"I love being a part of a team that creates amazing furniture."

Jordan Yaple


"Time goes by so fast working here at Brick Mill, awesome atmosphere."

Dan Tucker

Business Development Representative

"I've always enjoyed working with lumber and people, so this is a perfect fit."

Travis Caverly


"Everyone here is so nice, it's a great atmosphere."