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8 Amazing Live Edge Floating Shelf Ideas for Your Home

Floating shelves are some of the most versatile pieces that design has to offer and are one piece of furniture that simply seems to work everywhere. Live edge floating shelves are the ideal choice for adding additional storage to any space while also adding texture and visual interest.

Plus, live edge floating shelves can be made in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, making this an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. If done right, live edge shelves don’t only need to be used for storing knick-knacks (although that is one great use!) but can be used in a large variety of ways, in a variety of locations.

In this article, we take a look at 8 amazing life edge floating shelf ideas for your home, so you can gather fresh inspiration on where to place these versatile pieces.

Why Choose Live Edge?

 Live Edge

Live edge furniture brings the outdoors into your home in the most stunningly beautiful way. Suiting virtually any type of decor, including modern, industrial, rustic, and Scandinavian, live edge furniture creates warmth in your home while also offering a sense of uniqueness.

It’s hard to match the rugged elegance of a beautiful slab of black walnut, maple, or ash wood that has been meticulously handcrafted to become your new live edge statement piece. Live edge allows you to appreciate mother nature’s beauty, showcasing the natural dark grain throughout the wood more and more over time.

8 Amazing Live Edge Floating Shelf Ideas For Your Home

Ready to find out how truly versatile a live edge shelf can be? Let’s take a look at 8 live edge floating shelf ideas for your home that you’ll wish you thought of yourself.

1. Over the TV

While you may not have previously considered showcasing decor above your TV, your SmartScreen does not need to be the room's focal point. In fact, installing a set of stunning live edge floating shelves above your TV will draw the eyes up and allow your TV to virtually fade into the background.

A living room should be about conversation and not the glare of a screen, and you’ll find that live edge floating shelves will help achieve that. Display some colorful books or other eye-catching decors onto your shelves, and you’ll have the whole room talking.

2. Dish Display

 Dish Display

Looking for a way to display those gorgeous dishes you got for Christmas? Instead of hiding them away in your existing kitchen cabinets, consider adding a few live edge floating shelves between them.

Plus, having a dedicated dish display is a great excuse to switch up the theme according to season, adding an eye-catching yet practical piece of decor to your kitchen.

3. Book Collection

One of the most common uses for standing shelves is to store our books. However, when placed correctly, a pair of floating live edge shelves can easily display books in a similar way to a magazine rack, allowing a way to show off your favorite books rather than hide the titles by storing them sideways.

These more narrow live edge floating shelves are also a great excuse to store family photos, framed artwork, and more and are also ideal for use in kids’ rooms.

4. Statement Piece

Artwork is not limited to photos and paintings - it can also be seen in the form of stunning live edge furniture. The natural beauty of a live edge shelf combined with decor, houseplants, and more can easily stand-in for a typical piece of art, instantly pulling together a room.

5. Laundry Room Storage

Let’s face it - we could all use additional storage in the laundry room. Live edge floating shelves are the perfect way to add storage to a small laundry room without taking up additional space.

Adding just one or two floating shelves will instantly upgrade the functionality of your room and allow you space to quickly and conveniently grab your laundry essentials. Plus, adding extra shelving space also gives you a chance to showcase a plant or a photo frame in what was a previously drab room.

6. Bathroom Hack

 Bathroom Hack

Looking for a way to add storage space to an otherwise tiny bathroom? Then live edge floating shelves can be a lifesaver. Not only will live edge floating shelves instantly bring texture and intrigue to your tiny bathroom, but they allow you to display your most essential toiletries for easy access.

Leave your toiletry overflow underneath the sink, and take advantage of the extra room! Plus, an extra shelf or two will allow you to place a piece of decor such as a houseplant or some seashells, where there was previously no room to do so.

7. Hallway Update

Wall-mounted photos are not the only option when it comes to hallway decor. Strategically placed live edge floating shelves are an instant way to transform your hallway, giving you a chance to decorate with more than a blown-up photo or a piece of artwork. Feel free to get creative and use your hallway as you would any other room in your home.

8. Library Style

While we’ve given you one option to proudly display your books, you can also opt for the more traditional library style.

While you’ll most often see books displayed library-style on a standing shelf, arranging them on a live edge floating shelf can add an immediate sense of intrigue.

Floating shelves give you the freedom to arrange your library in any way you like and allow you to work with your space in a way that traditional shelves would not. Plus, you can place a ladder in front of your shelves to truly make the space feel like a traditional library, no matter the size.

How to Hang Your Live Edge Floating Shelves

Confused about how to hang your live edge floating shelves? It’s easy! At Brick Mill Co., our Live Edge Floating Shelves come with all the hardware you need to hang them. Plus, the bracket is pre-drilled into the wood, so you can easily slide it on once the bracket is in place.

Before hanging your floating shelves, you must know what your wall is made of. Floating shelves should ideally be attached to a wall stud, giving you a supportive base for your floating shelves. Our Live Edge Floating Shelves contain multiple holes, so you can ensure that you hit at least one stud in the wall.

  1. To find the most ideal place to hang your Live Edge Floating Shelf, measure 60” from the floor or eye level.
  2. Locate the studs in your wall using a stud finder and level the shelf.
  3. Put a screw in one stud using a drill or screwdriver. One stud can support 50 lbs, so keep this in mind when attaching your shelf.
  4. Attach the included floating bracket to the wall and slide on the shelf using the pre-drilled holes.

How Will You Display Your Live Edge Floating Shelf?

We hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas on how to best display your live edge floating shelf. If you’re looking for a custom size for a particular space, please contact us at Brick Mill Co.

We are a family-owned business located in Williamsport, PA, on a former 1800s lumber mill. We are passionate about creating handcrafted bespoke furniture that can be passed on from our family to yours from generation to generation.

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