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9 Amazing Uses For Your Live Edge Wood Bench

Have you considered purchasing a live edge wood bench? A far more useful piece of furniture inside the house than you may think, a live edge wooden bench can not only provide extra seating for your guests but can also instantly pull together any room.

Live edge wooden benches can be purchased in all sizes or built to your exact specifications. But can a live edge wood bench be useful beyond simply providing additional seating when your home gets overcrowded? Let’s take a look at 9 amazing uses for your live edge bench, so we can prove how truly versatile this piece of furniture is.

1. Entryway Bench

One of the first uses for a wooden bench inside the home that may come to mind is an entryway bench. A live edge entryway bench is a warm and inviting way to invite guests into your home, immediately greeting them with a unique focal point when they enter the room.

As the first look into your house, you want your entryway to reflect your individual style, and what sets a better tone than a meticulously handcrafted live edge bench? Entryway benches are more than simply a greeting tool, though - they’re an ideal place to sit to take off your shoes, and you’re guaranteed to find yourself leaning on it every time you walk through the door.

2. Decorative Bench

Did you know that a live edge wood bench is a fantastic way to show off your favorite decor? Decorative benches are most ideal for gathering your favorite pillows, throw blankets, and books, but you can also put your designer skills to the test and feel free to get creative.

Decorative benches are also a great opportunity to hang photos over, trying cementing its place as the statement piece of any room.

3. Bedroom Bench

 Bedroom Bench

While we have been placing benches at the foot of our beds for many years, a live edge wood bedroom bench is a chic and modern alternative for any space. One of the best things above our live edge wood benches is their inconspicuous sizing - at 12-16” wide, you don’t need to have a master-sized bedroom to enjoy this piece of furniture.

Plus, a live edge bench goes with virtually any decor, so there’s no need to worry about matching style, colors, and other wooden furniture in the room. Bedroom benches are commonly used to store decorative pillows and blankets at night or put your shoes on in the morning while also adding texture and interest to a room.

4. Dining and Breakfast Bench

A live edge wood bench is a great alternative to dining chairs and can be built to accommodate several people. At Brick Mill Co., our standard live edge benches are normally built up to 96” wide, which can accommodate up to 3 people.

Perfect for seating couples, parents with children, or for those who simply wish to spread out, a live edge bench will add a stunning piece of decor while accommodating any situation or mood in your dining room.

5. Bathroom Bench

Most standard-sized bathrooms can find a place to accommodate a bench, and a live edge wood bench is the perfect way to instantly add a spa-like feel to an otherwise average space.

While bathroom benches can be used for sitting, they’re also great to use for storage. Use your live edge bench to place towels, toilet paper, candles, or some seashell decor, and you’ve instantly found yourself with the most stylish bathroom in town.

6. Coffee Table Bench

               Coffee Table Bench

Do you have a small space that can’t accommodate a standard-sized coffee table or require an additional place for your guests to rest their glasses after dinner? A live edge wood bench can instantly be put to work as a coffee table.

Starting at 24” long and 12-16” wide, our live edge wood benches are the perfect solution to use as a coffee table in a small space or to be moved off to the side and used as additional seating in larger gatherings. Make full use of your coffee table bench by adding a candle and a decorative box for your remotes.

7. Room Divider Bench

Did you know that a live edge wood bench can be used to simply divide a larger space? Perfect for an open floor plan, a live edge bench can bring order to a room while instantly pulling it together.

One of the great things about a backless live edge wooden bench is that it can be used in any direction to bridge different seating areas in your open concept room. Plus, it can be used as additional seating itself and a table for snacks and festive decor.

8. Sofa Table Bench

While sofa tables are generally much taller than a bench, this doesn’t mean that you can’t improvise. While a standard bench used as a sofa table bench may not be able to provide extra seating when pushed up against the back of the couch, it can instead be used as a stunning shelf space.

Use your bench to hold blankets, pillows, books, or decorative planters, and enjoy the look of this beautiful piece of furniture against your sofa.

9. Banquette Bench

By pushing your live edge wood bench against a wall and adding a few pillows, you can instantly turn your bench into a banquette or small sofa. Pile up the pillows against the wall to hold them, and make sure you’ve added some padding or blankets against the seat, and you’ve got a cozy space that doubles as a plush seat solution.

How Will You Use Your Live Edge Wood Bench?

Now that you know what a truly versatile piece of furniture this is, how will you use your live edge wood bench? One of the best things about these inconspicuous benches is that you don’t just have to decide on one use for them.

While it’s important to note that a live edge wood bench is not a light piece of furniture, it can certainly be moved around from time to time as you switch up your decor or find the need for additional seating. Looking for a custom-sized live edge wood bench?

At Brick Mill Co., we are happy to offer custom live edge furniture for our customers. Please contact us before placing your order so we can accommodate your needs!

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