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What to Look for When Buying Black Walnut Live Edge Furniture

Did you know that black walnut is a popular hardwood preferred by woodworkers? It’s loved and valued for its vibrant brown colors, durability, and strength. In addition, its adaptability makes black walnut furniture some of the best furniture you can purchase. We mean contemporary pieces and formal office furniture. Black walnut furniture is impressive, and for woodworkers, it is easy to work with and finish.

But what should you look for when buying black walnut furniture, such as a black walnut coffee table or black walnut dining table? In this article, we will talk about black walnut wood and how to identify black walnut furniture.

Black Walnut Natural Characteristics

The color of black walnut will depend on the wood type used to build black walnut furniture. In a black walnut tree, the outside color of the tree will be almost white, gray, or yellow, and the inside will be a variety of light and dark browns, grays, reddish and purplish highlights, and can even have dark streaks.

Some natural characteristics of the black walnut tree include:

  • Equitably straight and fine grain
  • Several unique colors
  • It has decent bending qualities
  • It’s easy to use nails and glue with this wood
  • Easy to carve and turn
  • Great shock resistance
  • Robust and durable, but not heavy
  • Solid and stable

Black Walnut Furniture Grain Patterns

Walnut wood has straight grain patterns, which are a bit abrasive when touched. As a result, it can sometimes feature some irregularities, swellings, and even curls or waves.

A “crotch grain” occurs naturally where tree branches grow from the wood fibers. Every year a new ring is formed as the tree continues to grow in the space available to it, and the creases form where the walnut wood is flattened. Burls come from protrusions on the walnut tree that look very similar to warts.

A burl forms from an abnormal division of growth cells and provides a way for the tree to grow new branches if it needs to. You’ll notice a burl in black walnut furniture by looking for a swirly shape in the wood.

What’s the Difference Between Black Walnut and Oak?

Oak and black walnut look very similar and can often be confused for one another if you don’t know the differences. Let’s take a look at those differences so you know that the black walnut wood furniture you have is authentic:

  • Woodgrain: Oak has a prominent grain shape, and it looks wavy, whereas black walnut has straighter grain.
  • Color: Black walnut is a dark wood, and the color ranges from light to dark browns. Oak is a bright-colored wood that comes in a variety of colors, from light to medium brown.
  • Durability: Both oak and black walnut are supportive, durable, and robust.
  • Price: Black walnut is thought of as a premium type of wood, so it’s generally rather expensive compared to other types of wood. Black walnut is typically not available in long lengths and usually has quite a few more snaps and knots compared to other types of wood. Oak is expensive too, but not quite as expensive as black walnut. One reason these two types of wood are more expensive than other types of wood is that they’re hardwood, which grows slower.
  • Black Walnut Furniture: Black walnut is often used to make formal furniture for offices and homes. It’s frequently finished with a dark or natural stain to complement the dark color shades. Because black walnut is hardwood and is highly valued for its strength, color, and grain, you can guarantee a smooth finish.

Black Walnut Furniture Secrets

Black walnut wood furniture gets lighter over time, unlike cherry wood which darkens as it ages. As time goes on, you’ll find that your black walnut turns into a vibrant honey color. This makes it a unique wood for making furniture because, while it will last for years, it will always look a little different throughout the years.

Brick Mill, Co. Black Walnut Furniture

Here at Brick Mill, Co., we create a lot of black walnut pieces of furniture, including a black walnut coffee table and a black walnut dining table.

When you buy your black walnut dining table or black walnut coffee table from us, you’ll get the chance to select your legs for the table and the size of the table. Our black walnut dining table comes in various widths and can be 60” to 96” long. The black walnut coffee table is similar with widths of 16”-32” and lengths of 36”-72”.

Our black walnut furniture comes with all the hardware you need to put the legs on the table using only a screwdriver.

Caring for My Black Walnut Furniture from Brick Mill, Co.

The finishes we use on our black walnut furniture are designed to last for years to keep that finish on your table avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your furniture. Instead, opt for a wet cloth to wipe away any spills and dirt. If that doesn’t work, we recommend using natural soft soap.

As your black walnut furniture ages, we recommend renewing your furniture using a solution called Renew. You simply rub the solution into the surface of the furniture, and you’re done!

We also recommend keeping your home at a natural temperature and humidity level because it can cause issues with your black walnut furniture if it gets too dry.

Why Buy from Us?

We are located in the former lumber capital of the world in Williamsport, PA. Because of our location, we’re lucky enough to have access to locally sourced wood that has been sustainably harvested.

Our team oversees the entire production process of your black walnut furniture and makes the furniture as if they were making it for a family member. They also have years of experience in woodworking and are very talented at what they do.

Our goal is to ensure that you love your black walnut furniture. We do this by allowing custom orders to be placed and returns within 30 days of receiving your furniture.


What Color is Black Walnut?

Black walnut is a deep brown color that’s unlike any other type of wood. It’s native to North America, and unlike other types of wood (i.e., cherry), it lightens over time.

How do I Tell if My Black Walnut Dining Table is Real?

The best way to know if your black walnut furniture is genuine is to purchase from a renowned retailer such as Brick Mill, Co. We guarantee that our furniture is made with the wood we state it’s made from and is locally sourced.

Does Black Walnut Make Good Furniture?

Yes! Black walnut furniture is prized, as is black walnut cabinets, flooring, and other interior items. This is because of the unique grain and color characteristics.

Is Black Walnut Furniture Expensive?

Yes, black walnut furniture is more expensive than other types of wood because of its high demand. In addition, since black walnut trees are slow-growing trees, they take about 35 years to fully mature, the supplies can be limited, which makes the price go up.