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Why Walnut? Walnut Wood is Meant to Impress!

Walnut Wood is Meant to Impress

Custom solid wood furniture made by walnut wood creates a WOW factor in your home! Walnut is meant to impress as it’s extremely durable and finishes beautifully when crafted by our experts at Brick Mill Furniture. It’s prized by our team for its strength, grain detail and rich vibrant colors.

Walnut furniture is a perfect addition to your next design project. Allow us to customize a dining room table, sofa table, coffee table, desk, kitchen shelving + more.

So, why should you choose walnut for your next project? Read our TOP 4 reasons to LOVE walnut!

1. Durability

Walnut wood is extremely durable and long lasting. At Brick Mill Furniture, we’re passionate about creating heirloom quality furniture that can last for generations and walnut meets this standard! Walnut is highly resistant to wear and tear, so we recommend this wood type for a dining room table!

2. Walnut is Attractive

Walnut is full of gorgeous color. At the heart of the wood, it appears a chocolate brown. Within the wood grains, you may notice lighter browns, a pale blonde, purples, grays and reddish tints all within your walnut furniture. The color of natural walnut is completely unique because of the slight color variants and depth within each wood slab.

3. Eco-Friendly

Walnut is the only dark wood native to North America. A walnut tree typically exceeds 100 feet in height and 6 inches in diameter! We sustainability source our walnut lumber from salvaged trees grown here in the United States and give it a new life.

4. Final Touches

We complete each product with a 0% VOC plant-based finish. Walnut creates a very smooth finish and brings out the gorgeous detail ranging from creamy whites to dark chocolate.

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