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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Brick Mill Furniture specializes in crafting exquisite reclaimed wood furniture that seamlessly blends sustainability with timeless design. Each piece tells a unique story, as the materials used are sourced from reclaimed wood, giving new life to weathered structures like barns, warehouses, and old homes. Our skilled team carefully transforms these reclaimed materials into stunning, handcrafted furniture, preserving the character and history of the wood. This commitment to sustainable practices not only reduces environmental impact but also results in one-of-a-kind pieces that boast a rustic charm and individuality.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, Coffee Tables, Desks, & Barnwood Furniture


Locally Sourced Wood

We aim to source as much of our wood as possible locally, supporting local mills and reducing our footprint. Much of our wood is made from salvaged and reclaimed trees, giving you a sustainable piece of furniture for your home or business. We make all our products in Pennsylvania from start to finish.

How we create it

Each wood slab is dried through our state-of-the-art vacuum kiln. Traditional kilns only heat the outside of the wood, but our vacuum kiln dries from the inside out. Once dried, we use both a professional belt sander and a fine hand sander to make a beautiful flat surface for your piece. During the final stage, we apply a high quality conversion varnish plant-based finish that is toxic-free and made to last. Our hand finishes ensure an even distribution and smooth surface.


We pre-drill any necessary holes for assembly and source strong and durable industrial hardware, all included with your purchase.

Why Brick Mill furniture?

Made To Order

We make every table to order to your specifications -- pick your wood, style, size, and we make and ship it right to your home!

American Proud

We source all of our wood and products from the USA.


We're giving salvaged wood another life which offers benefits to both the environment and your home!

We plant a tree

For every piece of furniture sold, we plant a tree in your honor through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, Coffee Tables, Desks, & Barnwood Furniture


On this page, we’re going to talk about our barnwood furniture collection, so you have a better idea of what reclaimed barnwood is and why it’s so popular for making barnwood furniture.

Who is Brick Mill, Co.?

Brick Mill, Co. is a company full of woodworkers and crafters dedicated to building the most unique and finest custom furniture in the United States. Our philosophy is very simple – create heirloom furniture that can be passed down for generations and source sustainable, high-grade lumber here in Williamsport, PA. We do all the work on our furniture from log to table without any imports or middlemen involved.


Why Do Our Products Stand Out?


Table making in process


Our furniture stands out amongst the competition because we use sustainably collected and locally sourced wood here in PA. We also oversee the entire production process of our furniture, from the initial slab to hand sanding to adding a finish.

The products we offer are unique and created with love. We also are dedicated to producing heirloom pieces that will last for years and come to life. All of our craftsmen have years of experience creating beautiful pieces of furniture.

Finally, we want to make sure that you’re always satisfied with your furniture, so we are always willing to answer questions, make custom orders, and discuss any returns if the furniture you ordered isn’t up to your standards.

Who is Our Reclaimed Wood Furniture for?

Reclaimed wood furniture is for anyone who wants a sustainable piece of furniture with a unique look and history. It’s also for people who want something made from stronger wood than what most furniture is typically made from nowadays.

The downside to reclaimed barnwood furniture is that it’s expensive, so it’s also for people who aren’t afraid to spend a little extra money on their furniture.

So, if you want a unique piece of furniture with a story to tell, try purchasing reclaimed wood furniture!

Our Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Brick Mill Co. can make just about any piece of furniture using reclaimed barnwood upon request, but some of our standard pieces include benches, dining tables, sofa tables, coffee tables, and desks.

Let’s talk about each piece of barnwood furniture in-depth:

Rustic Barnwood Bench

Our rustic Barnwood bench is made with reclaimed oak, perfect for any home. From rustic furniture pieces or contemporary to modern, our beautiful, reclaimed oak barnwood bench is the perfect piece of furniture for greeting your guests or to use at the foot of your bed.

How did we make this beautiful piece of reclaimed wood furniture? We started with a slab of reclaimed lumber milled in Pennsylvania, hand-sanded it, and finished it with 0 percent VOC plant-based finish. You’ll love this piece because the beautiful, natural grains of the wood show through the wood and showcases the work that mother nature did over the years.

The rustic barnwood benches are 14”-18” wide and can be made anywhere between 24”-96” long and stand to be around 18” tall. You will need to assemble the bench because the legs ship separately from the bench itself, but all you need is a screwdriver.

You can incorporate this bench as a mudroom bench so people can easily take off and put on their shoes or in your bedroom to hold decorative pillows.

Rustic Wood Sofa Table


This rustic wood sofa table is perfect for adding some extra seating behind your sofa or couch while adding a beautiful, rustic touch to your room. We build our sofa tables as we do our benches: we start with a piece slab of wood milled here in Pennsylvania, sand it down, and then finish it with our plant-based finish.

Each piece will be unique because the wood that we use has its own defects and character elements, such as small cracks, wormholes, knotholes, and other unique characteristics of reclaimed wood. However, these elements don’t affect the piece in any way other than adding uniqueness to the barnwood furniture.

Our sofa tables can be up to 96” long, are 15” or 18” wide, and stand 36” tall. In addition, you can decorate your sofa table using flowers and pictures!

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

If you want to really add character to your living room, then go for our reclaimed Barnwood coffee table. Our coffee tables range from 16”-24” and can be anywhere between 18” and 96” long. We make each coffee table to match your measurement specifications, and if you don’t see the size you need, you can contact us to see if we can make you a custom piece.

Our reclaimed wood coffee table is designed to last for years to come, and because of this is a perfect piece of heirloom furniture. As with the other reclaimed wood furniture listed above, you will need to attach the legs and hardware to the coffee table using a screwdriver.

Decorate your coffee table with a beautiful centerpiece of flowers to bring even more freshness into your room.

Farmhouse Wood Desk

Reclaimed Barnwood desks are great additions to any office because they are uniquely beautiful and sized to your specific needs. Each desk is different because of the character elements and type of wood used to create your piece. As we mentioned above, the wood will have its own natural defects that won’t affect its sturdiness.

Our coffee tables can be made from 30” to 96” long and come in various widths. Each piece is around 1.5-1.75” thick but can change based on the length and piece of reclaimed barnwood we pick for you.

Decorate your desk or farm table with your computer and office supplies to make it as comfortable as possible while still being accessible for work.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Adding our reclaimed wood dining table to your kitchen or dining room is the perfect way to create enough seating for your entire family. When you purchase one of our reclaimed wood dining tables, you get to choose the size of the table. Our standard sizes come in a variety of widths and can be 60” to 96” long, depending on your needs.

You’ll feel great having our barnwood furniture dining table in your home because it brings a rustic, natural touch to your home. Decorate your dining table by setting the table with place settings and dishes! You will love the craftsmanship and rustic charm.

Caring for Your Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Our finishes will protect your barnwood furniture for years to come, so there’s no need to use harsh chemicals on your reclaimed wood furniture. Instead, what we recommend using is a wet cloth to remove dust and spills.

If you have a spot on your reclaimed barn wood furniture that can’t be removed using a wet cloth, we recommend using a natural soap to cleanse the buildup. Additionally, we recommend keeping your home at a natural temperature and humidity level to keep your barnwood furniture looking brand new for years.